CES 2011 flyby #1

Just a few photos to give a taste…

YG Acoustics speakers driven by Tenor amps. Bass issues in room did not hide the fact that te mid and uppers were very nice.

Marten’s new Coltrane 2 speakers and amplifiers. Bass issues in room did not hide the fact that there was an ease and authority to these speakers that the Coltrane 1’s did not have. Lots to do with the 1″ tweeter as much or more than the increased size of the cabinet and woofers

Soundlab’s new inwall speakers. Demo of the inwall speakers is tonight or tomorrow night (sorry, I am too old to remember nothing)

Kimber / IsoMike / EmmLabs / Sony room. Best by far I’ve heard these Sony’s sound.

Dynamic Contrast was exhibiting some innovative vibration-controlling equipment racks. The test I conducted was inconclusive – need a better test track [mostly, I just feel how much the chassis of the equipment is vibrating – and listen too, of course]

Some updates…

Some photos:

The tops are now on the new Audio Note Kegon Balanced amps. Even with the old $700 used M1 serving as preamplifier, these amps are killer. Very controlled. Very perfect. Like the Nordost ODIN interconnect, it can be hard to find any flaws [we try, it is our job to try, I guess. Haven’t found one yet, unless it is the lack of 211 sweetness. Surprisingly, I do not miss the 211. Not sure why. Maybe the M1 is sweet enough. Or that I have finally outgrown the 211. Time will tell, I guess.]

We are using empty Walker Vivid boxes to hold up the big ELROD power cords [I think it looks cool, but is this kind of like product placement in movies? I guess it is better than using boxes advertising Mastercard and Visa 🙂 I know what you are thinking. That this is supposed to be a family blog. What’s next? Neon lights? 🙂 Sorry, I’m in a strange mood today ….].

Also, Nordost ODIN speaker cable is making its way through the photo.

The old high-gain Audio Note Kegon amps are in the background.

A better photo of the Sound Lab U1 system we demo’ed yesterday.

A close-up of the elegantly compact Soundlab system.

Make room, Make room!

We need to make room and are selling some gear that is just the kind of stuff that some of you may be interested in:

Edge NL Reference 800 watt pyramid amps (demo)
Soundlab Ultimate 1 electrostatic loudspeakers (demo)
Walker Proscenium Gold Signature turntable (demo)
Marten Coltrane loudspeakers (used)

These are all the top performers in their particular category – more or less just like everything else we carry. There just aren’t that many of these that come on the market at demo/used prices. If you want one of these, now is the time.

The Edge NL Reference amps are sitting waiting for a new owner. We need to make room people, the Kegons, both pairs, the Ongaku, the Lamms, … We got amps coming out of our ears….

They are up on Audiogon if you are interested.

The Soundlab Ultimate 1 loudspeakers are playing music while waiting for a new owner. We got amps coming out our ears and speakers coming out our…. ears too. We got four systems and still we always have at least a couple of great speakers just sitting around for months on end.

The Soundlab U1 are still the best electrostatic speakers and are up on Audiogon.

The Walker Proscenium Gold Signature turntable is ready for a new owner. Also on the infamous Audiogon.

Here are some photos of the pieces that come with…

We have the compressor and large damping chambers up on a bookcase in the room next to listening room #2

The compressor.

The large damping chambers

The Walker motor controller.

Another view of the motor controller.

The small damping chambers sit nicely next to the rack.

A closeup of the small damping chambers

A pair of Marten Coltrane loudspeakers that we had here a long time are available – the owner is moving and is selling their entire system. It is not on Audiogon but please, if you are interested, contact us immediately.

OK, back to our normally scheduled programming. 🙂