SOLD: Nordost Odin (2.5m spade bi-wire) speaker cable

Wait! Yes, these are sold BUT we have a customer trying to sell his minty fresh 2.5 meter single wire pair, drop Neli a note or give her a call to inquire about the specifics. 

SOLD. Nordost Odin (2.5m spade bi-wire) speaker cable. Two and a half meters of Nordost’s now penultimate cable. Clear, even-handed perfectly neutral cables, and especially good at increasing and tightening bass [but will NOT fetch coffee, sorry].

New: $27000. USED PRICE: $13799.

We have a lot of experience with Nordost products and are unrepentantly, unabashedly fond of them. Send us an email ( or give Neli a call 303-546-6503 if you have any questions about the cables or, you know, anything else… Life. The universe. High-end audio. Whatever.


They are not really blueish like this, not sure why my Pixel 2 XL is doing this to me.

Nope, still not blue. Stupid camera.

This is the color they really are. Good camera.





Lamm Industries, Kharma, TechDAS: CES 2018

Lamm Industries ML3 amps, LL1.1 preamp, LP1 and LP2.1 phono preamplifiers, Kharma Exquisite Midi Grand speakers, TechDAS Air Force One turntable (SME tonearms), Aqua Acoustic digital, TchernovCable at CES 2018

More photos by Neli…

Open chassis photos of new L2.1 two-box preamplifier below