New Emmlabs CDSA single-box CD – SACD player

One thing that may be of interest is that the new Emmlabs sinlge-box CD / SACD player, the CDSA, was shown for the first time yesterday. It will be $10K but it will not have a variable output stage (i.e. no built-in linestage).

At this time, Decemeber 1st is the expected release date.

Emmlabs CDSA CD / SACD player
Emmlabs’ CDSA CD / SACD player

Emmlabs CDSA CD / SACD player

Emmlabs CDSA CD / SACD player
In the final version only a couple of LEDs will be glowing like this.

It looks remarkably like an ordinary CDSD does it not? Sounded like one too, but I only had a wee bit of a listen… really less than a wee bit when I think back to it….

So much to hear, so little time.

Giant pictures on the daily photos…

… and they would be here:

RMAF 2006 Day 1

Room setup at RMAF is like room setup anywhere…

… except for the panic.

Early system configuration...
Early system configuration… We did most of the setup using the EDGE signature One solid-state amps.

Introduction of the Audio note Kegons...
Introduction of the Audio note Kegons… During the polishing phase…

Adjusting the distance from the wall...
Adjusting the distance from the wall. Leif from Marten did most of the adjusting of his “Coltrane Supreme” speakers.

The rack configuration...
The rack configuration… The rack configuration stayed mostly the same during setup – thankfully – with only a major swap out of interconnects (Neli wanted to move the Jorma Prime up front between the crossover and the amps) and and another of power cords (we needed power cords for the Kegons – right now thay are Shunyata Anaconda Alpha Helix – which I like but we might try the Elrod Statements before the show tomorrow).

More later on all this… it is 5:15am and I had better get back to sleep .. Show opens 12pm tomorrow.