HE 2006 Room-by-room, salon-by-salon 1700 photos are up…

as is Part 1 of 6 of our report on the Home Entertainment 2006 show sponsored by Stereophile and Primedia.

All photos in 3 different sizes. And each with slideshow capability.

Please let me know if there are any errors of commision (and I just do not want to hear about errors of omission right now thank you very much good night).

The new Metronome turntable with Lyra Titan cartridge
The new Metronome turntable with Lyra Titan cartridge in the Lamm room.

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Leavin' … on a jet plane…

… don’t know when we’ll be back again.”

About 2700 photos later… including HE 2006, the VTV show and a special tour /audition of the latest revolutionary Cogent True-to-life horn loudspeakers.

As always, right after these shows are finallllly over, I feel like … WAIT! I’m not done yet. Can’t I have one more day, there were things I needed to hear a few more times…. Whaaaaah!

Anyway, to tide people over… Dave and Carol at Positive Feedback did another great show report this year. Check it out here and here.

That was pretty darn fast you two….!