Audio Note at CES 2010

This is what we currently plan on showing at CES at the Flamingo (T.H.E. Show).

Several of the items are coming from the factory in the U.K. and are due to arrive in Denver this Wednesday. After they make it through customs we will ship them directly on to Las Vegas.

We are doing two rooms….

Smaller System:

AN/E SPe HE speakers
TT1 turntable
M3 RIAA photo stage
Jinro integrated amp
CD 3.1x player

Larger System:

AN/E SEC Signature speakers
TT3 turntable
S9 phono step-up transformer
M9 Phono preamp
Gaku On amplifiers
CDT Three transport
DAC 5 Signature

Lamm at CES 2010

Venetian Hotel
Tower Suite 35-307

Lamm LL1 Signature line-level preamplifier (two monoblocks with separate power supplies)
Lamm ML3 Signature power amplifiers
Lamm LP2 phono preamplifiers
Wilson Audio Maxx3 speakers
NeoDio NR22T transport and NR22D DAC
Redpoint Solo Voce turntable; Ikeda 9″ IT 345 and
12″ IT 407 tonearms with Dynavector DRT XV-1s
Mono and DRT XV-1t Stereo cartridges
Critical Mass Systems Black Diamond QXK
equipment racks and Black Diamond PXK amplifier
Kubala-Sosna Elation interconnect and speaker cables

Venetian Hotel
Tower Suite 35-309

Lamm LL2.1 Reference line-level preamplifier
Lamm M1.2 Reference and ML2.1 power amplifiers
Lamm L2 Reference line-level preamplifier
Lamm LP2 phono preamplifier
Wilson Audio Sasha speakers
NeoDio NR22 transport/DAC
Hanss T-90 turntable
Graham Engineering Phantom II tonearm
Harmonic Resolution SXR-1921-3T3 frame system
and M3X-1923 custom isolation bases
Kubala-Sosna Emotion interconnect and speaker

Feel free to check the description and specs for the new products:

LL2.1: description

LL1 Signature: description

Announcement link:

Getting our ducks in a row for CES

We are close enough to drive – it is about a 12 hour trip – so we always have this tension between driving with all the equipment to the show, perhaps renting a bigger vehicle or taking fewer things… and shipping it all. Or mixing and matching.

We are taking everything for two rooms – so that adds up, cubic footage-wise – but it is so much safer to use mike & neli shipping incorporated than the alternatives. At least, we hope it is 🙂

You know, in the last few years, places like C|Net and engadget have started covering CES big time. They really overwhelm the internet so it is hard for little guys [like us!] to compete in some ways. Have to figure a way around that 🙂