Been a long day.

Covered the entire main floor. Did not get to the smaller first floor nor across the street to T.H.E. Show.

First impressions:

There are LOTS of audio companies here at the show. At least half of the exhibits, if not more.

Cabasse loudspeaker cut-away
Cabasse loudspeaker cut-away…click to see large picture.

The sound here sucks. Sucks. Really. Bad.

The video is great! Wow. Nothing like what I see at Circuit City or Ultimate Electronics. (Well, except the Sony SXRD 60″ at Ultimate E. of course).

Fujitsu's Aviamo TVs
Fujitsu’s Aviamo were very, very excellent as were several others including Sony’s XBR2 1080p 56(?)” …. click to see large picture.

OK, Sleep now. More later.

Oh, CAL (California Audio Labs) is back. And they make large red speakers now as well as electronics…?

There are 100 or so (large) pics up at:

CEDIA EXPO 2006 Denver Day One Part One

CEDIA EXPO 2006 Denver Day One Part Two

Hopefully more tomorrow morning… before we drive down to the show again (it is about an hour drive from here).

Off to attend the first day of the CEDIA EXPO 2006

The CEDIA EXPO  Daily Newspaper
The CEDIA EXPO Daily Newspaper

Kind of nice for them to snail mail everyone who registers this daily. ‘Course, we did pay $50 to register…

It has a nice map of the convention inside… Maybe I should photo that….

Anyway, news in the paper mentioned that Rives (the roo-treatment company) bought Talon (the loudspeaker company)…

O….. K……

When we get back we’ll post some photos here and in the CEDIA EXPO 2006 Denver Show Report Dailies.

More CEDIA 2006


Does anyone really remember what CEDIA stands for without looking it up?

I mean:

“Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association”?

For some reason I think a lot more installation is going on than design. But there does seem to be a lot of consuming, and so high-end audio does look at CEDIA with both Fear And Longing.

But if they called it:

“INstalling HOme Theater for fun and PROfit” or INHOTPRO

it would be a lot easier to remember.

Or not.