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      Audio Federation - From the outside



At Audio Federation we not only offer our guests some of the, if not the, best sounding systems in the country, but they also get to enjoy some of the most wonderful views in the country. With plentiful free-roaming deer, fox, chipmunks, rabbits, owls, eagles, and, rarely, bear and mountain lion (rare enough that it is a big to-do here with neighbor calling neighbor telling them they should try to get a look-see), along with the rich smells of the evergreen trees (except in Winter, of course) and welcome lack of smog - visitors are as much taking a little vacation from the smelly, noisy city (even though we are only 6 minutes away) as they are doing serious auditioning of extreme home audio systems.

Here, then, for the first time on our tour, are some pictures of something besides audio equipment...

Mike & Neli



The view from the rocks overlooking Audio Federation


The stairs, boss, the stairs!

  Moonrise from the back deck  

Sunrise from the front porch



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