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      Listening Room Number One




This is the main listening room



From the listening position





And at night.




Room Dimensions: 15 feet wide by 35 feet long by 20 or so feet tall.


Speakers: Acapella Triolon Excalibur
AmpsAudio Note U.K. Kegon 18 watt 300B-based Single-ended Triode monoblocks
DAC/Preamp: EMMlabs DCC2
Transport: EMMlabs CDSD (not pictured at back of room on Acoustic Dreams rack)
Power Cords: Shunyata Anaconda Vx, Anaconda Alpha
Power Cords: Nordost Valhalla
Speaker Cable: Nordost Valhalla (two runs of bi-wire)
Interconnect: Stealth INDRA (DCC2 to Kegons)
Amp stands: Acoustic Dreams amp stands
DAC stand: Acapella Fondato Silenzio
Tweaks: HRS Damp[ing Plate on top of the DCC2
Transport to DAC cables: 3 runs of 10 meter generic orange optical cable

Finally moved the equipment rack from between the speakers (we have been waiting for the remodel to finish - but even though it is not finished, we came up with an idea to put the rack in the rear away from any anticipated construction.

The CDSD transport is all by itself on a Acoustic Dreams rack at the rear of the room. Using the very long but inexpensive ($50) optical cable allows us to put the DCC2 DAC up in the front of the room next to the amps in order to use the Stealth INDRA to connect the DAC preamplifier directly to the amps.

Between having the INDRA cable be the only interconnect and removal of the equipment rack from between the speakers, the sound has improved measurably. For starters, deeper soundstage and better image stabilization and better harmonic separation.

        Listening Room Number Two (South Side)


This is the second listening room.





Room Dimensions: 15 feet wide by 30 feet long by 8 feet tall.



Speakers: Soundlabs Ultimate-1 speakers
AmpsEdge NL Reference monoblocks (pyramids)
Turntable: Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature
Motor Controller: Walker Audio Reference Motor Controller
Phone StageLamm LP2
Power Cords: Shunyata Anaconda Vx
Speaker Cable: Nordost Valkryja speaker cable
Interconnect: Nordost Valhalla
Amp Stand: Rix Rax Outposts (under the Edge amps)
CD Player: Audio Aero Capitole mk II
Interconnect: Nordost Valhalla
Power Cord: Shunyata Anaconda Alpha, Python Vx
Equipment Rack: Rix Rax Grand Hoodoo
Power Distributor: Shunyata  Hydra-8
Vibration Control: Acapella  4 Fondato Silenzio
Rear-projection TV: Pioneer  53" Elite
DVD Player:
Sony  DVP9000ES

The Walker turntable was moved to this side rack in order to provide better access. We thought it would be easier to play LPs if we did not have to step over two or four amps every time (and we were right!). Interestingly, the turntable is still connected to the Coltrane system through a long run of Nordost Valkryja interconnect. We now need some sort of switch box so we can alternate playing the turntable on either the north or south-side systems. Later, we will drill a hole up the wall and run cable to the rack in the main listening room so that all 3 rooms have access to the Walker turntable.


         Listening Room Number Two (North Side)



This is also the second listening room







Speakers: Marten Design Coltrane speakers
Transport: Audio Note U.K. CDT-2
DAC: Audio Note U.K. 4.1x Balanced
Preamp: Lamm L2 Linestage
AmpsEdge NL Signature Ones
Power Cords: Nordost Valhalla
Speaker Cable: Nordost Valkryja
Interconnect: Nordost Valhalla
Interconnect: Nordost Valkryja
Amp Stand: HRS M3 Isolation Base amp stands
Equipment Rack: Acoustic Dreams



       Listening Room Number Three



This room is just now becoming available

Room Dimensions: 10.5 feet wide by 20 feet long by 8.5 feet tall.


Speakers: Acapella Audio Arts Violon High Sub speakers
CD Player/linestage: Audio Aero Capitole Signature Edition
AmpAudio Aero Capitole
AmpEdge NL 10
Power Cords: Nordost Valhalla
Speaker Cable: Acapella Audio Arts SilverKable
Interconnect: Nordost Valhalla
Amp Stand: Acoustic Dreams amp stands
Equipment Rack: Rix Rax



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