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April 2010



It's time for us to find a permanent home for some of the reference level demonstration pieces that have graced our showrooms for years. As dealers, it's important for us to keep our demonstration pieces on the newer side. Help us make room for new toys!

As our frequent visitors might note, we've had the Walker and the Refs up here for some time. It's sometimes difficult emotionally for us to part with things that we love ... but it's time both of these found a new home. Interested? Make us an offer.

We also have some very special deals on customer trade-ins, plus the general assortment of extra bits and pieces we find during our springtime closet cleaning. . There are some exceptional opportunities here ...


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Walker Audio Proscenium Gold Signature turntable.

Ready to buy your last 'table? Lloyd Walker's are legendary, widely regarded as the best turntables in current production.

Air bearing platter, air suspension, lovely easy to use air bearing arm with immensely flexible counterweight system suitable for any cartridge. Want more? Upgrade to the newest Black Diamond arm.

Includes the Ultimate Motor Controller, and the Omega Mikro power cables listed below if we've still got them. And of course the compressor and damping chambers required for the air system, plus a full complement of  Valid Points and resonance control discs for the motor and motor controller.

Newest Proscenium Black Diamond now $57,500. $24,500. obo
  Demo Omega Mikro Active LCX Red power cord, 5 feet, 15 amp.

Selected by Walker Audio to connect the Proscenium turntable motor to the Ultimate Motor Controller.

$995. $550. obo
  Demo Omega Mikro Active LCX Blue power cord, 5 feet, 15 amp.

Selected by Walker Audio to connect the Ultimate motor controller to its power source.

$995. $550. obo

Demo EDGE Electronics NL Reference 800 watt solid-state monoblock amplifiers.

We have loved these amplifiers for the four years that we've owned them, now it's time for them to find a permanent home.

The ultimate in authority, with a smoothness and liquidity not found in any other solid state amplifier.

Capable of managing ANY loudspeaker with ease and grace.

More pictures...

$148,000. Best offer
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