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Winter 2006 Newsletter



      The 2008
Consumer Electronics Show Report

Las Vegas, Nevada
January 8th - January 11th, 2007

We are planning on photographing and commenting on all three shows: high-end audio at T.H.E. Show, CES High Performance Audio at the Venetian, and everything else at the main conference.








      The 2007
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Show Report

Denver, Colorado
October 12th - October 14th, 2007

We show, We report. We show report.







      The 2007
Consumer Electronics Design and Installation Association
Show Report

Denver, Colorado
September 5 - September 9, 2007

We attended this ever-more-popular show again this year - it being in the area and all. About half the show was about audio... which makes sense; Audio/Video. Audio/Video. It is one half of the equation. Mostly a lot of static displays of audio, for which we are thankful, actually, along with some awesome high-end video.







Website Updates
  • Started an Audio Note photo gallery, kicking off first with the Ongaku. (10/30/2007)
  • Added a page that describes our Audio Note Trade-Show System Setups.
  • Added another Marten Coltrane Supreme loudspeaker photo gallery. Can't have too many of those.
  • Added links to the Marten Coltrane Supreme loudspeaker uncrating and setup pages. The pages had been there for a year, but the links, the only link was on this page but now they are on the main Marten page and the sitemap page.
  • No new lines added recently... but stay tuned! (10/4/2007)
  • Added ACROLINK fine cables to our lines of the ultimate high-end audio products here at Audio Federation (12/10/2006).
  • Added Marten Design Coltrane Supreme uncrating photos page.
  • Added ELROD Power Systems product pricing to its own ELROD prices page.
  • Updated the EDGE prices lists. Removed the prices from the EDGE product page because manually keeping the prices sync'd up in two places was a pain. (9/26/2006)
  • We now awesomely carry the ELROD line of fine power cords. Price and photo pages will be up 'shortly'.
  • We attended the Stereophile Show, as well as the VTV show , in  Los Angeles June 1st-4th. We of course provided our trademark massive coverage by way of our show reports. If interested, please check out our Stereophile Home Entertainment HE 2006 Show Report and Vacuum Tube Valley West VTV 2006 Show Report.
  • Started the RateMyHifi section of the website. This will evolve to include many of our very favorite show pictures - so they do not get lost in the dust bin of time. Of course, all of our guests are also invited to enter their favorite pictures of their systems and components as well!
  • Updated the turnkey / recommended systems page to be a little more easy to understand and to include some Kharma loudspeaker-based systems. (5/15/2006)
  • Added many photo galleries: Kharma, Lamm, Jorma Design, Emm Labs, and probably others. There is now a gallery per each product, instead of one per product line.
    An easy way to get to them is through the Sitemap and clicking on the gallery of interest in the Products section.
    By the way, using the 'Audio Federation' link at the top of most of our webpages to get to our home page, and then clicking on the Sitemap in the lower right-hand corner, every page in audio Federation at most just 3 clicks away from any other page.
  • Updated the Audiophile's Guide to the Galaxy's High-end Audio Magazine section to now include high-end audio Blogs, including our own high-end audio BLOG!
  • Audio Federation is excited to announce our partnership with Marten Design to be the exclusive dealer for Marten's statement speaker, the Coltrane Supreme speaker. (4/15/2006)
  • Added new Kharma section, including photo galleries of the Mini Exquisite, Ceramique 3.1c loudspeakers and the P-150 amplifier. Also a Kharma prices magazine.
  • The Montreal FSI Festival Son & Image 2006 Show Report is now complete. (4/3/2006)
  • We are proud to announce that we now carry the awesome line of Kharma speakers and electronics.
  • We started building the Audio Federation Catalog which unabashedly shows off the beauty and excellence of various components that we carry. (2/25/2006)
  • Added a new set of prices pages to replace the old monolithic list. Hopefully, as we move to lists with helpful little thumbnail photos (for example see Edge, HRS and Marten), the new price lists will be easier and more enjoyable to use for all of us.
  • Updated the Edge (a wee bit tardy on this one) and Marten pages as per their new product lineups.
  • Added Site Map and many updates to our product pages, especially focusing on adding a lot of photo galleries (now easily accessible through aforementioned sitemap). (2/14/2006)
  • Added links at the top of each tour page so that people can easily see how they can go backward in time to see how our rooms looked 'way back when'. Let's just say that digital cameras have improved a lot these last few years, shall we?
  • Changed Hifi'ing magazine to be the directory to the BLOG - now it is easier to see and get to the older posts.
  • Updated much of the Audiophile's Guide and have taken an entirely different tack than we used to on the speakers page. Also note we have added a number of photo galleries to the turntables page - which should get updated every show we attend.
  • Put the Acapella stuff on the specials page with a details link to the Acapella archives (still need to put the Fondato Silenzio isolation platforms up on the specials page. If anyone is interested in these - we have five - let us know!).
  • Added Brinkmann Audio section to our website. Added Balance turntable unpacking and assembly pictures. Still need to add the narration (and remove duplicate pictures!) and 'turntable setup' section (2/4/2006)
  • Added Walker Audio section to our website. Still need to add unpacking, assembly and setup pictures we took 2 years ago.
  • We are saddened to announce that for the foreseeable future we will no longer be authorized dealers of Acapella Audio Arts speakers. We were the largest Acapella dealer on the American continent and by far the most visible experts on and advocates of Acapella in the world.
    To our Acapella customers: we still stand by you and your excellent speakers 100% and will not hesitate to support you, with the same dedication as always, in the unlikely event you should ever require it.
    After several emails from the current U.S. distributor requesting that we remove the Acapella information we have collected over the last 4 years from our website, 35MB(!) worth, we have moved it to a less accessible place. Gone, but not deleted.... (2/2/2006)
  • Updated price list for HRS: Harmonic Resolution Systems products (1/29/2006)
  • Expanded number of items in price list for Marten Design's product line. (1/27/2006)
  • We no longer carry the Accustic Arts line of products This is the first time we have removed a product line since we started business 4 years ago. We stuck with the line through changes in distribution and hung in there during the subsequent price increases [etc. etc. etc.]. Finally, however, the distributor objected to our recent luke-warm review of their room shared with Acapella this year at CES 2006 and we came to a permanent parting of the ways. Accustic Arts makes a quality product and we wish them well. (1/23/2006)
  • Adding detailed show room reports to Blog (1/17/2006)
  • Updated Audiophile's Guide to the Galaxy 'Magazines' section
  • Posted CES 2006, T.H.E. Show show reports
  • Added the Acapella Fidelio 2 monitor speaker to the Acapella page (12/21/2005)
  • Removed the Audio Aero Capitole Mk II from the featured page as it is no longer being made and has been replaced by the Capitole Reference. That leaves us with just the Acapella Triolon Excalibur speakers, the EMM Labs / Meitner DCC2/CDSD digital front end, and Rix Rax equipment racks on the featured page. (12/15/2005)
  • Entries are added to the blog one or twice a week over the last few months. We started a music centric section to the website, but it needs work - expect it to change significantly over the next month or so.
  • Created BLOG and moved Hifi'ing 'Sounding Off' rants into it (10/10/2005).
  • Finished HiFi'ing magazine's special RMAF 2005 show report
  • Updated Tour. Lots of pictures of the Acapella Fidelio 2 monitor speaker (9/26/2005)
  • Added Jorma Design cables to the website. We actually picked up these cables last... Spring was it? but Mike... (me)... was a little lax on the updating of the website. Jorma No. 1 cables are the only cable we have found, so far, to be in the same league as Valhalla ... i.e. its purpose is not to compensate for problems elsewhere in a system, but to let through as much music as possible. (9/18/2005)
  • Added Brinkmann Audio prices to the prices page.
  • Updated Audio Aero pricing on the prices page (5/31/2005)
  • Posted our Stereophile Home Entertainment Show report ...all 50 pages or so, with many 100s of large close-up photos plus actual honest-to-goodness opinions about the sound we heard in a good number of the rooms at the show (5/4/2005)
  • Updated Specials page and added some new Edge products to the prices page (4/25/2005).
  • Added Hifi'ing - a blog-ish magazine about experiences encountered on the road to high fidelity.
  • Added the ML2.1 to the list of equipment we have in-house for auditioning. At this date it has been breaking in for all of two weeks... (4/15/2005).
  • Added the awesome line of Brinkmann turntables and electronics to our Product Line (3/31/2005)
  • Updated Tour to reflect the current state of the madness (3/5/2005)
  • Added a Featured page to highlight the most awesome of awesome products
  • Updated Specials page to include more items from our inventory. (2/26/2005)
  • Added special full-size Rix Rax Gallery Page to our Rix Rax section. (2/23/2005)
  • Added page for Rix Rax with the start of a photo gallery for unique pieces we come across (2/16/2005)
  • Updated main page picture and its accouterments to go with the icy season.
  • Added preview picture of new LaCampanella Alto to our Acapella page (on left side near bottom).
  • Updated Soundlab 2005 prices (2/3/2005)
  • Added page to Now Playing tour that displays the pictures in full size from our Mike & Neli's Reference System #1  found on Audiogon. (1/23/2005)
  • Added links to HiFi+ review and Product of the Year 2004 award for the Marten Design Coltrane, and the Positive Feedback review of the Miles II to our Marten Design page (1/17/2005)
  • Updated Now Playing's pictorial Tour (1/15/2005)
  • Updated Acapella 2005 prices (1/14/2005)
  • Updated EDGE and Meitner / EMMLab's 2005 prices (1/1/2005)
  • Reviewer Impressions of our room at RMAF 2004:
    Ultimate Audio
    Positive Feedback (scroll to bottom of page)
  • Added Meitner / EMMlabs CDSD transport and DCC2 DAC to equipment we have on the floor.
  • Removed link to Recommended Systems because recommending systems that included other fine speakers and equipment that we did not sell confused a lot of people into thinking that we did sell them.
  • Added RMAF Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2004 (October 8,9, 10) Show Report
  • Updated Walker Audio and added EMM Labs to price lists.
  • Added Stealth INDRA to product lines. Added emmLabs / Meitner to product lines.
  • Updated price lists (9-30-2004) of Acapella, Accustic Arts, and HRS.
  • Updated price lists (8-14-2004). Added Marten Design Alto Coltrane speaker to Marten Design page. Updated FM Acoustics price in Audiophile's Guide to Pre-amplifiers (note: prices of imported equipment vary according to the current dollar exchange rates).
  • Added new Tour (Now Playing) pictures (4-8-2004)
  • Updated price lists
  • Added HRS rack to products page
  • Added links to and Quad ESL-57 Hotline to links in the Audiophile's Guide
  • Added new Show Report for CES and T.H.E. Show 2004
  • Added new Tour (Now Playing) pictures
  • Added picture of Magic Diamond Cartridge packaging
  • Added link to new Marten Design Mingus review
  • Added Loricraft, Lyra and Magic Diamond Blue to product lines
  • Added links to some tube retailer websites to Audiophile's Guide's Links
  • Updated list of equipment on the floor (Now Playing -> Equipment)
    to include Kegons and the forthcoming Triolons
  • Moved show reports to Audiophile's Guide


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