Equipment Available for your Listening Pleasure

This table lists the equipment available for your enjoyment in our listening rooms.

Updated October 2007


      Marten Design Coltrane Supreme loudspeakers

These new speakers significantly advance the state-of-the-art in loudspeaker design: top-to-bottom linearity, balance, resolution,... It all goes into the ability to produce an Enjoyable, Impressive, Emotional, Real, and dare we say it, a Magical musical experience.

      Audio Note U.K. M10 linestage (pictured at left)

Is this the best linestage in the world? It certainly sounds like it. Magic-in-a-box. Pictured is the M10 in gloss black, ours now is with a brushed aluminum face-plate.

Audio Note Kegon 22 watt 300B single-ended triode amplifiers

The Kegons are the supreme expression of the 300B tube amplifier - with the charm of the 300B sound and the 'iron grip' of the huge silver-wound output transformers.

Audio Note CDT-3 Transport and DAC 4.1x Balanced Digital to Audio Converter

Digital that sounds like music, yet sweetly detailed. Yes, it really can be so.


      Harmonic Resolution Systems

HRS MXR equipment rack (pictured at left)

Using state-of-the-art materials this is the best sounding rack made. Air and structure borne vibrations are translated into forms of energy that are no longer detrimental to the sound of the equipment on the rack.


HRS M3 Isolation Bases, Damping Plates, and Nimbus Spacers and Nimbus Couplers

The HRS platform, damping plates and feet are truly a smorgasbord of temptation - singly or alone, they improve the sound of a system in so many ways - it is so gratifying to finally hear how good one's components and system really sound.


      Jorma Design Prime speaker cables and Interconnect and No. 1 speaker Cables

The No. 1 is the only cable that does what Valhalla does but with a little more body and tone. The Prime is an amazingly clear window on to the music - the midrange resolution and harmonic color is off the scale. It is addicting, so be careful.... be very careful.

      Meitner / EMMlabs CDSD and DCC2 (Signature Editions) CD / SACD transport and DAC

The hot new transport custom designed for Emm Labs DACs by one of the primary inventors of the new SACD format. Plays CD and SACD discs and, in combination with the DAC, is widely acknowledged as currently the best SACD playback in existence.

The DCC2 brings to the home the same sonic performance of its professional sibling (the DAC 8) that was so instrumental in establishing the SACD format in the market place. Compatible with CD and SACD discs.

      Kharma Mini Exquisite loudspeakers

The best 2-way speaker technically and perhaps the most magical 2-way as well.

Ours here, pictured at left, are in aubergine - which is kind of like an eggplant purple. Subtly hallucinogenic - just like the way they sound.

That 1.0 inch diamond tweeter provides an amazing amount of resolution, seemingly much more than the 3/4 inch, and it just seems to be able to project the music from the speaker into the listener's head.


      Nordost Valhalla, Frey, Tyr, Quattro Fil and SPM speaker cables and Interconnects, Valhalla, Shiva, and Vishnu power cords

Nordost's Valhalla cables are considered the 'ones to beat'. They have an unvarnished reputation as being the best, general cable, in nearly all circumstances: lightning fast and unerringly neutral. The entire line of Nordost cables perform in a similar vein.

      Elrod Power Systems Statement power cables

Full sounding with a capital 'F'.




      Audio Aero Capitole Reference CD player / linestage and Prestige CD / SACD player / linestage (pictured at left)

These are still some of the most musically engaging CD players in the world and is considered one of the top two or three single-chassis CD players yet made. It contains an integral state-of-the-art preamplifier and so this CD player can be connected directly to an amplifier, sounding its best, potentially saving one the significant expense of purchasing a high-end preamplifier, a pair of interconnects, a power cord, an isolation platform, and shelf space..

      Walker Audio PROSCENIUM GOLD SIGNATURE turntable

The Walker table is widely regarded as the best commercially available turntable in the world. There are more expensive turntables, but from our listening experience our opinion is that the Walker beats them all in terms of ability to provide detail from an LP to a cartridge and solidity and coherence of this information flow - the things a turntable is responsible for. It is up to the cartridge to do the rest.

      Marten Design Coltrane loudspeakers
(Our demo pair has been sold, but we'll be getting a new pair hopefully as soon as we can make room)

The Marten Design Coltane speakers are the most remarkable, true to life, imaging demon we have ever heard. With a diamond tweeter and very detailed bass - this speaker breaks the performance barrier all to pieces.

They are very sensitive to what components are upstream, which makes them in some sense a great tool to work with in tailoring a system to one's individual taste. These speakers are well-balanced, top to bottom, with no part of the frequency range taking precedence over another.

      Sound Lab Ultimate-1 loudspeaker

The best electrostatic speakers and one of the finest  speakers in the world.

7 feet tall, 3 feet wide, yet it is but a single driver with a single driver's coherence, an electrostatics' detail and imaging.


      Brinkmann Balance turntable

The Balance turntable  - beautiful sounding, beautiful to look at - a beauty to use.

Here we see it sitting on its special HRS platform. We have taken this table the last two years to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest show here in Denver.

What we like about the Brinkmann table is that its performance is well into the top tier of turntables, its engineering and construction is first rate (no 'home brew' solution here), it is lovely to look at, it is simple, and it is easy to use.

Do you know how rare this is? Funny (or not) but true.

      RixRax Grand Hoodoo equipment rack

One of the best looking equipment racks available. Ours uses Canadian maple, the wood with the best known acoustical properties with Cocobolo inlay and Audi Black car paint.

RixRax Outpost amplifier stands

One of the best looking amplifier stands available. Uses Canadian maple, the wood with the best known acoustical properties.

      Lamm ML2.1 amplifier (pictured at left)

Lamm Industries makes the most natural and musical amplifiers in the world. The ML2.1 single-ended triode 18 watt tube amplifier is their flagship amplifier and renowned as one of the finest amplifiers in terms of imaging, midi-dynamics, and that beguiling, subtle Lamm romanticism.


Lamm L2 preamplifier (pictured at left)

This two-piece hybrid tube preamplifier is considered one of the top two or three preamplifiers in the world - and widely regarded as the most natural and deeply true sounding. The design sacrifices nothing in pursuit of the best sound - forsaking a remote control and instead sporting a separate volume control for each (of the two) channel and putting the power-supply in a separate chassis to keep the higher voltages from negatively impacting on the delicate workings of the preamplifier itself.


Lamm LP2 phono preamplifier

Keeping with the Lamm tradition of making out-standingly musical equipment this dual monaural pure vacuum tube phono preamplifier, with 2 separate inputs for MM and MC cartridges, is one of the best price/performance phono preamplifiers in the world.


Lamm ML1.1 amplifier (pictured at left)

Lamm Industries makes the most natural and musical amplifiers in the world. The ML1.1 push-pull 90 watt tube amplifier is the successor to the renowned ML1 amplifier. This amplifier is second in Lamm's renowned staid yet dashing musicality to perhaps only one other amplifier, its sibling, the 18 watt Lamm ML2.1 single-ended triode amplifier, but the ML1.1 is much more capable of driving more difficult speaker loads.



      Edge Electronics NL Reference amplifiers (pictured at left)

Perhaps the best solid-state amplifier in the world. 800 watts per channel in a 100% balanced design. High voltage / high current design.

Edge Electronics NL Signature One solid-state amplifiers

Edge Electronics makes the best solid-state amplifiers that we have been able to find and their Signature monoblocks, at 400 watts/channel, is their second most powerful model.

      Acoustic Dreams equipment racks

Using a multi-layered vibration damping design veneered in maple, these racks do an even better job than the Acoustic Dreams amplifier stands in isolating components from vibration while not removing any inner detail or PRaT.


Acoustic Dreams amplifier stands

Using a multi-layered vibration damping design constructed using a hollowed out slab of maple, this amp stand does a very nice job of assisting the amplifier in performing the best job possible. In our tests it performed much better than the Zoethecus amplifier stand for the Lamm ML1.1 tube amplifiers.



      Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeaker

At only $4K or so, it is one of the least expensive components on this list - but its performance belies its price and we liked what this speaker did so much that we just had to be able to offer it to our customers.

A linear response, musical, with enough bass to be satisfying for all but the most demanding listener (for whom we have other solutions, up to and including the $250K Marten Coltrane Supreme loudspeakers with their 2000 watt / channel power bass towers - also here in our showrooms).

      Loricraft Audio Record Cleaning System

The best, quietest, and most efficient automatic LP cleaner.


Nordost Vidar cable burn-in system.

It really works and we offer all of our cable customers the option of a free 4- to 10-day break-in of their cables.

Besides, this picture is so cool, we just had to include it here.



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