Meitner CDSD Transport and DCC2 DAC
Today's Best Sounding Digital

  • Best SACD (by a wide margin)
  • Perhaps the Best CD



It took 20 years to get right.

Ed Meitner / EMM Labs is a designer of consumer and professional audio products focusing on analog to/from digital converters, used by Sony and Philips as their key technological infrastructure for the new SACD audio format.

With the introduction of this synergistic duo digital is finally able to challenge all but the most astronomically-priced analog LP turntables. Convenience without apologizing. Detail without the ear-bleeding. Dynamics without the artificiality.

The variable output stage is top-notch, at least the equal of that of stand-alone solid-state linestages in the $10,000.00 and greater category, saving the owner from having to purchase a commensurately expensive preamplifier and its associated audiophile-grade interconnect and powercord, all of which only tend to provide places for nasties to enter the music stream anyway. Not only that, but when using the CDSD with the DCC2, digital optical cables are provided which not only tie the two pieces together in a way that prohibits timing errors from occurring, but also eliminates the need for the purchase of yet another costly cable.

But The Meitner is not about their smart design decisions saving you a few bucks. It is all about balls-out no-compromise state-of-the-fucking-art.

Nearly unimaginable levels of sonic transparency. It took 20 years to get right.



  • Analog Inputs

    • Balanced on XLR (switchable to be unbalanced)

    • Unbalanced on RCA

  • Analog outputs

    • Balanced and Unbalanced for signals after pre-amp

    • Balanced and Unbalanced for signals bypassing pre-amp

  • Remote control: Infrared

  • Retail Price: $11,500.00


  • Supported disc formats:

    • Redbook CD

    • Stereo and Multichannel SA-CD

    • Stereo AC-3 tracks from DVD-V and DVD-A discs

    • MP3

  • Outputs:

    • AES/EBU for CD and MP3 only

    • EMM Labs OptiLink (all discs) for up to 6 discrete channels of digital audio

  • System control via Infrared remote and serial RS-232

  • Retail Price: $7,800.00



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