Our RMAF 2005 exhibition room


We managed to pile everything into a rented Dodge Grand Caravan minivan and the Audi Allroad, all except one box of LPs, which we had to come back and pickup later.

Included some photos of our decimated listening rooms – about 80% of the gear from 3 systems was taken to the show.

This year the Marriott had these new, tall-back red leather chairs that made it difficult for those behind to hear very well. Regardless, this year we put the couch in the rear – a great place to kick back and enjoy the music if not the ultimate in sonics.

With the windows and curtains closed, the highway noise wasn’t too bad – but it did mean we had to turn on the air-conditioning periodically to keep the humans in the room from melting – and the air-conditioner did add a white noise floor to the music, fine for when we are rocking out, not so fine for quiet passages.

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