Our RMAF 2011 exhibition room


When we picked the room, we were fully intending on showing a system like last year: The new Marten Coltrane 2 speakers, The Audio Note Ongaku integrated amp, Nordost ODIN cables, and the Emm Labs XDS1 CD/SACD player.

But we had shown Marten 5 of the last 6 shows, Nordost 6 of the last 6, and Emm Labs also 5 of the last 6, I believe. Over the course of the year, we decided to show the Audio Note speakers instead (last time we showed them it was in our large suite that we used to have at these shows). Which soon became a 100% AN system. And, somehow, we [or at least I] thought that the room we had picked had real corners, so that the speakers would really work the way it is supposed to. Corners do not matter for the Marten speaker but they really do for the Audio Note [much more later]. I know we did discuss which rooms had corners and which had air conditioners and conduits in the corners – and for some reason I thought only rooms that faced the atrium had air conditioners and well, wishful thinking I guess.

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