Our RMAF 2008 large exhibition room


Filled 10 foot truck. Inches from roof. 3-dimensional game of Tetris with heavy ultra-expensive gear.

Left spare tubes at home. Only hour away. Actually, 3-hour round trip. Pickup large shipment of equipment at airport. Another 3 hours. System not up until 2:30am night before show.

Friday morning. 10am. Show starts in two hours. Really crank system for first time. Sibilance. Evil, evil sibilance. Restore system to exact mirror of home system. At home there is no sibilance or hardness. No threat of hardness.

Sill sibilance. At 100dB sibilance. Neli expresses frustration with hearing same track 100 times at 100dB. I stand firm. Shaves a few more years off the marriage. But need easily reproducible failure to work from. Test case in last 5 seconds of 3-minute track [1st track of Radiohead]. Brain kicks in for one second. We start using TSD1 fast-forward and reverse.

Mike Latvis of HRS has ideas. Neli has ideas. Mike has ideas. Kevin has ideas. Move speakers slightly forward of last years position. Maybe a lot more forward. Disagreement. But 99% of hardness gone. It is two hours after the show has started. We finally open the door. Perfection might take several more hours. Hope settling of system will remove final touch of hardness.

Last day. Residual hardness mostly gone. But not entirely. Some diminution of mid-bass energy as well. Think to move main towers 1/2 inch back. Change attack angle of main tower by a degree or so. Fix all this. But show is over.

Never caught breath. Personal hygiene was at most risk since college. No show report dailies uploaded – first muckup in last 4 or 5 years.

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