Our RMAF 2004 exhibition room


The show started at 12:00 noon on Friday. We played the Audio Note Kegon SET amps in the mornings and EDGE NL Signature One solidstate amps in the afternoons. We played ordinary redbook CD on the Ensemble / Audio Note pair and SACD on the emmLabs pair (except for the last day, which was a free for all), toggling between them each CD track we played, first one then the other. The system continued to get better over the successive days. We were able to keep the Signature Ones on almost continuously, keeping them on even when they weren’t plugged into anything and the Kegons were playing.

It took us about 2 hours to take down the system and pack/wrap everything up. It took almost another 2 hours to cart it all down to and stuff everything into the minivan and sedan. And getting it back up our 45 steps? We’ll leave that to your imagination.

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