Performance Guarantee Program


In order to better serve audiophiles who are interested in HRS products and who may not have a local dealer, Audio Federation, under the aegis of HRS, now offers a 20 day trial period for Harmonic Resolution Systems products.

Under this factory-authorized performance guarantee program, HRS products can be purchased from Audio Federation and auditioned in your system for 20 days. This allows you to experience the significant improvements these products will make in your system and provides you with a money back performance guarantee.

The reference level HRS equipment racks are not included in this offer but we are confident you that you will love the complete HRS audio stand solutions even more than the isolation bases and resonance control products individually. Some custom turntable isolation bases are also not available with this offer. Please contact Audio Federation to discuss your turntable isolation needs.  Audio Federation reserves all rights to limit services offered under this program.

How This Works

  • We talk with you about your current system, determine what you are looking for, and together we decide on which component or components will benefit most from the use of Damping Plates or being placed on an HRS M3 Isolation Base and/or on Nimbus Spacers and Nimbus Couplers. When isolation bases are selected, we pre-configure the base or bases for your target component(s). 

  • You pay for your new HRS products by credit card, by check or by PayPal. 

  • We prepare your shipment, and send your tracking information by email. In most cases, your items will ship within a few business days.

  • You receive your package, unpack it and put the state-of-the-art products under the component (or on top of the component in the case of Damping Plates). Play some music!

  • If you are not completely overwhelmed by the improvement in the sound of your system - and most people are just astounded, we certainly were (and still are!) - you can return any unwanted items to us with a 10% restocking fee plus applicable shipping fees. The 10% restocking fee can be re-applied to any HRS product within 60 days of the original purchase date.



If someone does decide to return their HRS purchase for any reason within these 20 days, they will receive a refund in the amount of 90% of their original purchase price (less all shipping charges). Returned items must arrive in their original condition and in original packaging within 25 days of the original purchase date or the item will not be eligible for a refund. The customer is responsible for the cost of round-trip shipping in the case of any return items and the shipment should be insured for the purchase price. Please notify us by phone or by email of the return shipment tracking number. The amount of 10% restocking fee will be deducted from the price of any subsequent HRS product purchased within 60 days of the original purchase date of the returned item.









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