World class record cleaners

Manufactures professional quality vinyl record cleaning equipment. Loricraft Professional Record Cleaners are now in use in remastering studios, sound archives, record stores and the homes of hifi enthusiasts in over 20 countries.

We like the Loricraft RCMs a lot, but we don’t sell them anymore. You can order directly from the factory in England (garrard501.com) — but for USA customers, Loricraft now has a representative in New Jersey, Oliver (Ollie) Felibrico, handling sales in the US. It looks like lead time is normally 6-8 weeks, but sometimes a little longer.

You can reach Ollie by phone atĀ  732-890-5353 or by email: ogfelibrico at gmail dot com.

Or feel free to contact us here at Audio Federation; Neli is happy to help you decide which machine is right for you, and to answer any questions.

One more note:

Loricraft was acquired by SME last year, along with the Garrard brand. For now all it the same as it has been, but eventually SME will take over the manufacturing of these machines. Maybe they will keep them the same. Maybe the price will be the same, or not. Personally, we think now’s the time to order yours.

In my opinion, serious record collectors need one of these, even if you have an ultrasonic cleaner.




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