Lamm ML2.2 amplifier

Lamm Amplifiers

A new generation of single-ended power amplifiers with regulated power supply employing a unique high current low impedance power vacuum tube triodes 6C33C in both output stage and power supply. Implementation of these triodes allowed to create an output transformer with a very low turns ratio and, as a consequence, extended (as compared even to the most advanced modern vacuum tube amplifiers) frequency decade factor, as well as dramatically reduced leakage inductance. Chosen by the Design and Engineering Committee to receive the Innovations Award at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas as the most innovative product of the year in the “specialty audio” category, the ML2 was a first single-ended amplifier on the market capable of reproducing a full range of audio frequencies and recreating the original spectral balance and harmonic structure of the recorded material with almost 100% accuracy. The designer’s unique vision and nuanced grasp of audio electronics has created an amplifier capable of capturing the essence of your favorite music like never before.

The latest version, the ML2.2, features the following upgrades and modifications as compared to the ML2.1:

New power transformer
Input stage totally redesigned and based on that of the ML3 Signature amplifier.
Five filter chokes (compared to two in the ML2.1)
Plate fuse holder located on top of the amplifier’s chassis for greater customer convenience
Utilization of a much higher quality pc-board, and parts and materials that have become available in recent years
Introduction of an option to turn the amp on/off remotely