EMMLabs TSD1 transport

EMMLabs Digital

The Emm Labs TSD1 plays both CDs and SACDs and works with the DAC2 to create the ultimate digital front end. Hold on to your hats – if the rest of the system is up to the task, there will be music like nothing ever heard outside of a studio or concert hall.

Compared to the CDSD with the DCC2, the TSD1 with the DAC2 has a much quieter background and is able to render the subtleties of music unlike anything heard before outside of LP and reel-to-reel playback. Specifically this refers to very fine detail and the ability to keep all the details separate from each other, so they are not presented in a big mushy mess like other players almost unfailingly do. This brings out much more of the ‘musicality’ of the music – i.e. those fine details, chained together, are as musical as the melody itself.