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Updated: August  2011
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  Balance Turntable

The Balance turntable is an insanely well engineered, sonically outstanding work of art. Details...Catalog...

stainless steel finish with separate solid-state power supply, without arm
$23,700.00 short armboard with clamp
$24,700.00 long armboard with clamp

  Lagrange Turntable

The Lagrange sounds much like the Balance but with a little more PRaT and a little less authority. This two arm plinth accommodates one 9" -- 10.5" arm and one 10.5" - 12" arm. Details...

2-arm version with separate solid-state power supply, without arms
$16,990.00 short armboard with clamp
$17,990.00 long armboard with clamp
$19.990.00 two armboards with clamp

  Oasis Turntable

Direct Drive, Maple, Makassa or Cherry, PSU & Clamp


  Bardo Turntable

Direct Drive, inc Granite, sep. PSU - Clamp is optional



The Balance.

See our Brinkmann Audio page for more pictures and setup information.


Turntable Parts
10.5 inches, mid-weight tonearm.


12.1 inches


  Brinkmann-EMT ti Cartridge

Moving coil.


  Brinkmann-EMT replacement Cartridge



The tube power supply unit and
the Brinkmann 10.5" tonearm.

  Tube Power Supply Unit for Turntables

With granite base.


  FEIN Phono preamplifier

With separate power supply. Granite base.


  HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems)
Custom isolation platform for turntable

Granite top split into two parts, one for motor and other for plinth, to isolate the vibrations from the motor from affecting the platter and tonearm.

Platform dimensions: 19"x 23", height 3".

Please inquire for pricing.


  Calvin Preamplifier

With remote control and separate power supply. Single ended inputs and outputs only. With granite base.

Line stage: $7,990.00

  Phono Module for Calvin Preamplifier

Supports MC & MM type cartridges.


  Marconi Symmetrical Preamplifier

Linestage with remote and separate power supply, singled-ended and balanced. Hybrid design. Granite base.


Replacement tubes, with exchange: $580.00

  Stereo 75 watt Power Amplifier
Single-ended inputs only, with granite bases.


  Monoblock 150 watt Power Amplifier
Single-ended and balanced inputs, with granite bases


  Integrated 70 watt Amplifier
With remote. No granite.




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