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Equipment Racks and Amplifier Stands
  Equipment Rack

5-way constrained layer damping shelves on a tensioned aluminum frame. Shelf height is infinitely adjustable, and easily set in level half inch increments by aligning the top or bottom of the shelf supports with the rings machined into the main support posts. Heavy duty locking aluminum spikes for leveling. Modular design is extremely rigid and stable but straightforward to disassemble and move when necessary.

Frame dimensions: 32"w x 27"d. Standard shelves 21.75" square, 1.5" thick. Two frame heights available: 35" (37" to top of top shelf, accommodates 4 shelves nicely) and 28" (30" to top of top shelf, best suited for two or three shelves). Frames may be joined side to side with a special center section. A double wide rack with a shared center post is 60" wide.

$1,500.00/shelf (2 to 5 shelves). So the three shelf rack, pictured, costs $4500.

  Amplifier Stand

3-way constrained layer damping platform on spikes. The stand works amazingly well, and with no deleterious side-effects unlike most, if not all, of its competition anywhere near this price point.

Standard dimensions: 16" x 24", custom sizes available at similar cost. Platform tops are 1.5" thick; height of amp stand, with feet and spikes, is 3.25". Heavy duty, locking aluminum spikes for leveling.


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