The Edge NL Reference Monoblock Amplifier
Uncrating and Setup
The amps are delivered together on one palette.
The plastic has been removed, the restraining strips cut, and the crates then removed from the palette.
Here we see the standard 'shockwatch' indicator that Edge puts on the side of all of their boxes and crates when they are shipped.

The 'shockwatch' should be white, as it is here. If the box or crate has experienced severe 'G forces' then this indicator turns red.

The handles on the crates are not strong enough assist in lifting the crates when the amps are still inside.

Their purpose is to help 1) lift the top of the crate off of the amps and to 2) ease maneuvering of the crates when in storage.

Let's see... who can Mike get to help uncrate these beasts? Hmmmm....
Ah, yes.

After unscrewing the bolts on the front panel, it is easily removed.

The amp is now visible.
Lifting out the front 2x4
Next, we unscrewed the bolts around the bottom of the crate.

Then after pulling up (about 8 inches), and carefully back on the crate using the crate handles, we removed the top part of the crate.

A close-up picture of the amp, wrapped in protective cellophane.
We then reassembled the crate which was then put in storage for safe-keeping.
One amp has arrived in the listening room.
Both amps have arrived in the listening room. Accessories are taped to one of the amps.
The unwrapping begins.
One amp, completely unwrapped and ready for insertion into the stereo system.
One of the NL References, powered up and playing that fine music.


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