The Edge NL Reference Monoblock Amplifier
Manufacture and Assembly
Each side of the pyramidal NL Reference monoblocks starts out as a thick piece of aluminum.

Here we see one finished side resting against an unfinished slab of high-grade aluminum.

The milling machine that does the complicated machining of the aluminum sides.

The Leadwell MCV-760AP CNC Vertical Machining Center is a 3 Axis machine with a 10,000 rpm spindle,
24 position tool changer, and positioning  accurate to 
+/- .0002 inch
(+/- .0001 inch repeatability)

A look at one side that is partially completed. Note the array of tools on the spindle (similar to routing bits) at the top of the picture.

It is only during the final pass that the extraneous material of the rectangular slab is removed as the slab is cut into the actual pyramid shape.

The doors are closed and the milling process has resumed.

It is a noisy process no audiophile should suffer through for long without ear protection!

Water is sprayed during milling in order to keep everything at a reasonable temperature.


A close-up shot of the action.
Another close-up shot of the action.
Yet another refinement pass has completed.
The coolant (water), still present, is unusually calm after each stage in the milling process. The impression is one of 'art in transition' from one state to another.


Each aspect of the milling process is designed in excruciating detail.

 For example, notice the patterns inside the 'balanced/RCA' connection area.

A finished side, ready to be sent to a different facility for finishing and assembly.

There are a number of finishing options available:

 One is powder coating (which leaves a soft, lustrous finish that is smooth and glorious to the touch and slightly shiny).

 Another is a more industrial looking 'anodized finish', similar to the finish of the amps in the rest of the Edge lineup.

A partially assembled Edge NL Reference monoblock amplifier.

The cleanliness and care that went into the design is readily apparent.

Notice the very large transformer assembly (the black box), which contains vibration dampening and electro-magnetic/radio frequency shielding technology.

Notice also the large number and size of the capacitors (the black cylinders).

The NL Reference monoblocks have no air vents, in the traditional sense. The design, utilizes very thick aluminum, which is not only an excellent material for shielding against harmful incoming and outgoing electro-magnetic/radio frequency contamination, but serves as a massive heatsink as well.


A close-up of some of the  connections on the back of one of the amplifiers.

Notice the 20-amp IEC standard plug socket.

 Even though the amps do very well with your ordinary house current,  feed them the good stuff (like a dedicated, 30 amp line straight from the electrical service in your house), and they will reward you with improved dynamics.

The amps, now almost completely assembled.

Still missing are the top 'crowns'. The decorative LEDs in the crown and in the Edge logo on the front can be specified to be in either red, green, or blue.

These amps were finished using a powder coating and have blue LEDs (not visible in this picture).


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