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Triolon Excalibur Loudspeakers

Original Unpacking at Residence in the City

  Part 1   Part 2  

Moving to Residence in the Mountains


Part 1   Part 2  






 Original Unpacking at Residence in the City:
 Part 1


The Triolons are shipped in 3 large wooden crates plus one smaller crate for the tweeters

The tweeter crate is a nice small (approximately: 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 2 ft, 70-80 lbs.) crate containing both tweeters


The truck arrives on a nice frosty morning. Yes, some people do wear shorts in the middle of Winter... after all, it wasn't that cold.

Two large crates each contain a Sword.

The crate is too long to fit sideways in the truck, so it has to be maneuvered sideways while it is being removed in order to fit it correctly on the lift gate.


Maneuvering a Sword crate onto the lift gate.

Each Sword crate is only about 300-400 lbs, but it is large.

The Sword crate is being lowered on the lift gate.


The Sword create is being maneuvered off the lift gate.

The second Sword create is being oriented so that it will also be able to fit on the truck's lift gate.
The base units crate is only about 1500 lbs, *gulp*.

The crate with the two base units is smaller, but much heavier than the Sword crates.

The crate with the bass units fits sideways in the truck

Getting the crate ready to be lowered on the lift gate


Finally, all the crates are off the truck

The crates look large.

Can we open them yet? Can we? Huh? Can we?

The crates arranged in our two car garage at our rental house.


One of the Sword crates with the top removed and the Sword exposed.


Notice the supports holding the Sword firmly into place.

We had some concern about just what color of red we were going to get (we ordered the 'standard' red).

But the red was and has been over the last year truely impressive - a kind of dark candy apple red.

A beautiful red.


Neli removing the screws that hold the supports into place.


Closeup view of the way which supports are fastened to the side of the crate.


Removing one of the supports.


Removing another one of the supports.

The sides of the crate was removed by removing the screws at the bottom of all four sides and lifting the sides as one unit up and off the crate bottom..

The Sword fully exposed.


Another picture of the Sword fully exposed.


Pictures of the second Sword.


Pictures of the second Sword.


The crate containing both bass units with its top off


The crate containing both bass units with its top off

It became apparent that we were not going to be able to lug the bass/base units into the house today.

The mess of a garage.


Another view of the mess of a garage.


The Sword-mobile as it makes it way out of the garage...


A view of the 4-wheel dollies under the Sword crate bottom


The Sword-mobile as it nears the steps in front of the front door...


The Sword-mobile poised for entry ito the house...


The Sword-mobile as it tries to make it into the family room through the doorway...



The Sword-mobile is still on its two 4-wheel dollies...


The Sword-mobile off the crate bottom...



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