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SHOWROOM ONE Acapella Triolon Excalibur






SHOWROOM TWO Marten Design Coltrane Supreme





SHOWROOM TWO Marten Design Coltrane Supreme






SHOWROOM TWO Rix Rax Grand Hoodoo









This is our new statement speaker here at Audio Federation. We just recently received them after we exhibited with them at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest show in Denver. Currently we have them paired with Lamm amplification and preamplification, with an Audio Note and Walker sources, mostly because we wanted to hear what this sounded like after the Audio Note amplification and preamplification and Emmlabs and Brinkmann sources we used at the show.

This is probably the first speaker we have had here - and one of the few speakers in the world - that is inherently Impressive sonically. It, of course, has all the other characteristics we also require of speakers we carry: Realism, Emotionality, Enjoyability, and, hopefully, if we set up the system well - Magic.

These speakers are currently a little congested as they are just now loosening up as they break-in. Have to say that, usually a time of frustration and extreme patience, this has been one of the most fun break-in periods we have ever experienced!





If you personally want to experience the art and the majesty, the talent and the skill and the message and the emotion and the awesome delicacies and complexities of the human condition as communicated by the musicians to listeners just like you throughout the ages, then perhaps these speakers are for you.

Utilizing a light-weight, super-strong carbon fiber enclosure; with Accuton ceramic drivers, the Accuton diamond tweeter and 2” diamond midrange. 20 - 100,000 Hz +/- 1.5 dB. 93dB. Internally wired with Jorma Design Prime cabling. 650lbs includes all four towers. From Sweden.




Lamm ML2.1


The Lamm ML2.1 is Lamm Industry's statement amplifier and successor to the renowned ML2. It is technically an 18 watt, 6C33C-tube based single-ended triode monoblock amplifier. Physically it is a rather unimposing utilitarian design statement. Sonically it is a tool that creates amazingly deep tapestries of music - deep because the natural textures and harmonics that these amps are able to communicate in are subtle, it takes some time to plumb their depths.





The L2 Reference preamplifier is the very best hybrid solid-state / tube preamplifier in the world, and the most transparent, dynamically and harmonically correct preamplifier we have heard to date.

In particular it is a "Line-level dual-mono hybrid preamp with a separate power supply; tube rectifier, choke contained filter, vacuum tube regulator; and TKD stepped potentiometers for volume control -- the best available on today's market. From the U.S.A.



Audio Note CDT-THREE (CDT3) transport


Smoother with more harmonic detail and sophistication than the discontinued CDT2 Mk I transport, this transport transports the system even farther from the digititus blues of CD playback. From the U.K.

Audio Note 4.1x Balanced DAC


This DAC uses the 'back-to-nature' approach to avoid the artificiality and digititus associated with CD sound. A very natural sounding DAC that can be listened to 24 hours/day.

1xoversampling™ direct from disc™ technology with silver wired and patented Audio Note™ transformer coupled I/V interface. New Old Stock Philips/ECG 5687WB double triode no feedback anode follower output stage. From the U.K.


Walker Proscenium Gold Signature

with motor controller and setup $40,000.00

The best sounding turntable alive. Over and over again, as new turntables hit the market and raise the ante, up to $90K now - this table beats them all in terms of doing what a table is supposed to do - playing LPs.

Lamm LP2 Deluxe phono preamplifier


Natural and realistic sounding, like all Lamm products. Handily beats competitors costing twice as much. From the U.S.A.

Lyra Titan cartridge


Detailed, neutral, yet musical. A classic cartridge that is the reference for all cartridges that purport to be detailed yet add little harmonic character of their own.



Jorma Design PRIME

1.0 meter RCA interconnect $7,000.00      2.0 meter biwire speaker cable: $19,700.00

[No. 1] This is the only speaker cable we have found that is as neutral as the Valhalla (others seemed to remove too much detail or were compressing large musical transients or worse), trading a little more body for a little less detail. [Prime]. Awesome level of detail with staggering harmonics. From Sweden.



Speaker cable $4,949,99+ Interconnect $3,780.00+

Clean, neutral, and fast. When your components are good enough that you want to hear everything they are capable of. These are THE standard, the ones to beat. Made of many thin conductors, each conductor is made from optimized diameter solid 99.999999% oxygen free copper that has 78 microns of extruded silver on the surface. The surface of each conductor is highly polished before a high precision Micro Mono-Filament wrap is helically wound over the conductor. From the U.S.A.


Stealth INDRA

1 meter RCA: $5,750.00

The harmonics and emotion these cables reveal in the music make them invaluable in high-end systems. These cables are made of amorphous metal - i.e. the wire has zero grain or crystal structure. This metal was forged in the USSR back during the cold war and is in very limited supply. From the U.S.A.




Shunyata HYDRA-M8


The Hydra model-8 combines high-current capability with Shunyata’s passive form of noise reduction and system protection to offer the perfect all-in-one power-distribution solution. From the U.S.A.


Shunyata ANACONDA ALPHA and Vx (Helix and non-Helix)

$2000.00 - $2250.00

The Anaconda VX ’s with patented FeSi-1000 noise reduction materials (and the Alpha without) and hand-braided matrix conductor geometry act as an arm of refined noise-isolation when applied to noise-sensitive digital or visual electronics. From the U.S.A.


Elrod Statement II


Giant power cords that give that giant sound. Full-bodied with a capital ‘F’. From the U.S.A.



Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) M3 ISOLATION BASE

Nimbus/coupler sets starting at $60.00. Platforms starting at $1,550.00

The HRS Isolation base significantly improves the performance of any component that it is placed under. The base consists of a thick slab of granite isolated from a custom metal frame resting on four very special feet. From the U.S.A.


Rix Rax Custom 4-shelf Grand Hoodoo

Starting at $3,100.00

Beautiful and striking, one of the very few racks that can be classified as fine furniture.
Maple shelves with Cocobolo inlay and Audi Black car paint. From Canada.







SHOWROOM THREE Soundlab Ultimate One
(with Acoustic Zen Adagio's in front)





SHOWROOM THREE Soundlab Ultimate One
(with Acoustic Zen Adagio's in front)





SHOWROOM THREE Harmonic Resolutions Systems MXR





SHOWROOM FOUR Marten Design Coltrane





Audio Note AN/E SEC Silver Signature





Kharma Mini Exquisite






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