Part 4

Floor 3 + Zu Audio's Rave

Home Entertainment Show

The Stereophile High-end Audio Show
Los Angeles, California

June 1st-4th, 2006

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 The Legacy, Valve Audio, EAR, Avid, Esoteric, Shunyata*, SME, PS Audio room

This room, this room was meant to display a lot of goodies and that is what it did. Setup-wise - it was a hodge podge. Sound-wise, it was forgettable.

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Legacy loudspeaker.















AVID turntable





EAR acute CD Player





Valve Audio preamplifier





AVID turntable, SME IV tonearm





EAR 324 phono preamplifier





AVID turntable





AVID turntable and SME's IV tonearm








































The i-deck iPod desktop sound system






The i-deck iPod desktop sound system





The i-deck iPod desktop sound system















 Shunyata Hydra Model-6





The  Ascendo, Karan, Luminance Room

I always interpreted the systems built around the Ascendo loudspeakers as going for an open, Emotional, Enjoyable and even somewhat of a Realistic sound with respect to midi-dynamics and separation of images in the soundstage. But I heard none of that here with these new, smaller Ascendo loudspeakers. Perhaps the room was too large for these speakers with this front end.

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Ascendo loudspeaker.


































The DCM, Jolida, Monster Power Room

This room had a mid-fi sound that I associate with my visits to ordinary types of hi-fi dealerships who confuse sound with music. "Good times, good times." (...thanks Phil).

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The Gamut room

Nice looking setup. The sound was decent, if somewhat boring. Not offensive, but nothing too difficult was played during my stay and we didn't bring our test CDs by this room.

More Gamut room pictures.










Gamut loudspeaker.





Gamut loudspeaker.





Gamut CD player.





Gamut integrated amplifier.




The Gershman Acoustics, McCormack Room

After the raves from friends and comrades for the Gershman Black Swan loudspeakers after the FSI 2006 show in Montreal - I paid special attention to the sound here. Unfortunately, the sound was dull and atonal and sounded underpowered in that there was difficulties with most of the transients and dynamics. With speakers this size, you would think dynamics would be of prime importance, to at least make an Impressive sound. And in Montreal it was reported to be Enjoyable and perhaps even Emotional. But nope, not here in this room at this show.

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Gershman Black Swan loudspeaker





McCormack electronics.




















Gershman Black Swan loudspeaker


The Cain and Cain, Almarro, Sherwood Newcastle, Apple Ipod room

The sound in this room was hard to pin down. In some sense, a system like this, properly tuned, 'to within an inch of its life' as they say, might be trying to go for the gold - to max out on all aspects of the ways we enjoy the sound of our systems. This particular system did some interesting things in the midrange, but there was something missing - insufficient detail perhaps (possible correctable by vibration control on those electronics pieces). The top and bottom ends were also weak. Not sure if they were using the iPod as source while I was there or not.

Anyway, Enjoyable, and a little Emotional as well. Hope they setup a system like this at the next show.

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Cain-and-cain loudspeaker




Cain-and-cain loudspeaker



























































 Zu Audio sponsored concert featuring DJ Ming

 We wrote about this in our Blog the morning after. 10 pairs of modified Zu Audio Druid loudspeakers with custom subwoofers filled up this room with the sounds of DJ Ming. The sound was nice: smooth, round, with just a little edge on top, but I wonder what people who go to lots of Raves would think.

When we listen to various kinds of Techno music - and we both like it a lot - we like the massive amounts of detail and texture and imaging in the midrange and highs that audiophile quality equipment can achieve reproducing electronically generated notes. It is difficult to get the bass correct, however, with standard audiophile-grade loudspeakers, unless they are very efficient, or you use a large amplifier on a speaker that can handle the power at low frequencies, or by using an active subwoofer.

Anyway, the bass did not have that techno-slam and I think this may have annoyed some people more familiar with this music than the people who showed up. Anyway, I loved it and hope that more of these types of events are staged in the future.

More about this event on SonicFlare and about the people who did and did not and will not show up on 6Moons.








































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