Festival Son & Image
The Montreal High-end Audio Show

March 24th-26th, 2006

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Introduction [15]


Lithophon, Brinkmann*, HRS* [29]


Sonus Faber, Ayre, Magnum Dynalab [32]


Peak Consult, David Berning, Emm Labs* [18]


Vivid Audio, Pathos, Accuphase [20]


The Video Conference [30]


ELAC, Cardas, HRS, Hovland, ModWright [18]


JM Lab, Rowland, Accuphase [18]


Revelation, VAC, Naim [10]


[Extras] Nordost*, Yamaha


RL Acoustic, Tenor, Audio Aero* [13]


Linar, Marantz, Magnan [14]


Music & Stuff


Odyssey Audio, Symphonic Line [22]


Naim [13]


Martin Logan, Linn, Richard Gray [21]


Compact Audio, Jungson, Original [1]


Mobile Fidelity, Value Audio, Avid, Esoteric [16]


B&W, MerikAudio, Cambridge, Nakamichi [13]


Kharma*, MBL, Kubala-Sosna [32]


Verity Lohengrin, Wavac, Nagra, dCS [22]


Edgarhorn, Cyrus Brennnenian, ModWright, World Power [33]


McIntosh [11]


Pierre Gabriel, Jadis [28]


Blue Note, Korato, ELAC [28]


Raysonic [20]


Mirage, Bryston, Arcam [16]


Energy, Mirage [10]


JM Lab, Classe, YBA, REL [11]


Mistral, Exposure [6]


Aurum Acoustics [9]


Gamut [7]


Cabasse, Mimetism, CEC, Inovaudio, BIS Audio [13]


Usher, Audio Research [15]


Usher, Nuforce, Goertz [10]


Vandersteen, Linn, Lavardin, Quciksilver [14]


Eggleston Works, Rogue [8]


NEAT, Chord [16]


JAS, Audio Space, Shanling [19]


Omega Speaker Systems, Red Wine Audio, Olive [17]


Avalon, VTL, T+A, Nordost* [55]


Hansen, VAC, Redpoint [27]


Fidelio recordings, Verity, Nagra, Esotteric, Shunyata* [21]


Dynaudio, Simaudio [27]


Triangle, Thorens, Vincent [36]


AuDIYo, Furtech [18]


Escalante, Threshold, Manley [23]


Usher, Power Modules (Belles) [4]


Conrad-Johnson, Chord [10]


Dynaudio, Classe, Origin Live, Graham, Hovland, Nordost* [25]


Sound Fusion, NuForce, Audio Research, Shanling, Blue Note [21]


BC Acoustique, Mosscade, Orelle [9]


Focus Audio, Vitus, Weiss, PS Audio [16]


Air Tight, Nordost* [20]


Linn [19]


Lexicon [3]


Eben, Chapter Audio, Electocompaniet [10]


Totem, Plinius, Accuphase [6]


Primare [8]



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