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Ghengis Khan Limited Edition by Electra Glide Audio

Prices: $4500 (Ghengis Khan, 6ft), $2500 (Fatman, 6ft), $2000 (Fatboy)
Pictured: Ghengis Khan Limited Edition, Fatman 2000 Gold K, Fatboy

Aluminata by JPS Labs

Prices: $3500 (Aluminata, 6ft), $1500 (Kaptovator, 6ft)
Pictured: Aluminata,

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Audio Musings (Kaptovator)
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Z-Cord AC II by MIT (Music Interface Technologies)

Prices: $2895 (Z-Cord AC II), $1500 (Z-Cord AC I)
Pictured: Z-Cord AC II, Z-Cord AC I

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  Valhalla Power Cables by Nordost

Prices: $2500

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Anaconda Vx by Shunyata PowerSnakes

Prices: $2000 (6ft), $650
Pictured: Anaconda Vx, Taipan

Designersí Reference Squared Master Coupler X-Series by Synergistic Research

Prices: $2000 (Designers' Reference2 MC, 5 ft), $299 (A/C Master Coupler)
Pictured: Designers' Reference2 MC, A/C Master Coupler

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Clairvoyent by Audio Magic

Prices: $1800 (Clairvoyant, 6 ft), $1000 (Illusion, 6ft), $300 (Sorcerer, 6ft)
Illusion, Sorcerer

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Signature Power cords by Elrod Power Systems

Prices: $1600
Pictured: Signature 3

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 Positive Feedback Online  Signature 2 & 3
PowerIsolator and PowerLink by Transparent Cable

Prices: $? PowerIsolator XL, $1500 (PowerLink XL 20),
PowerIsolator XL, PowerLink XL 20

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Gold Power Cord by First Impression Music (FIM)

Prices: $1450 (20 amp, 6 ft), $1390 (15 amp, 6ft)
Pictured: Gold Power Cord

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Gargantua by Acoustic Zen

Prices: $1488 (Gargantua, 6 ft), $800 (Krakatoa, 6ft)
Pictured: Gargantua,

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Mega PowerPoint by Ensemble

Prices: $980
Pictured: PowerPoint, Mega PowerPoint

Ultimate Outlet by PS Audio

Prices: $300 (15 amp version), $400 (15 amp - high current version, and 20 amp version)
Pictured: cut-away view of Ultimate Outlet front and rear

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Stereophile (Ultimate Outlet)
Juice Bar by PS Audio

Prices: $200
Pictured: Juice Bar front

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Power Outlets
24K Gold A/C Outlet by Electra Glide Audio

Prices: $
Pictured: 24K Gold A/C Outlet

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Power Port by PS Audio

Prices: $49
Pictured: Power Port front and rear

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AC Outlets by Acme Audio Labs

Prices: $30 - $40 depending on amperage (15 or 20) and whether cryogenic treatment has been applied
Pictured: 15 amp outlet, 20 amp silverplated outlet, 10 amp silver plated fuse holder

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Hubbell AC Outlets with Deep Immersion Cryogenic treatment by Jena Labs

Prices: $100
Pictured: outlet in box, outlet outside of box

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880 Outlet by First Impression Music (FIM)

Prices: $70 (or less at Galen Carol)
Pictured: outlet, outlet with box

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  Hostpital Grade Outlets by Hubbell

Prices: $15

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  Hospital Grade Outlets by Arrow-Hart

Prices: $10

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Power Cord Connector Types
IEC Standard 15 Amp Connection

Used by most audio equipment.

IEC Standard 20 Amp Connection

Used by a few (some Rowland, Krell and ARC (Audio Research Corporation)) big amplifiers.

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