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This page lists power conditioners in the order of highest price to lowest. The list may or may not be in the order of highest quality to lowest.

That said, also note that power conditioners may improve something about the power getting to your equipment, but this says nothing about whether it makes that equipment sound better... or worse.

Typically power conditioners increase dynamics and lower background noise at the expense of microdynamics, emotion and that toe-tapping pacing, rhythm and timing.


Use the ears, Luke.




PS-1200, PS-500 by Accuphase

Prices: $8900, $6000
Pictured: PS-1200, PS-500

Reviewers Reviews
AudioREVIEW.com (948)
Stereophile Vol.23 No.2
Acrolink Isolation Transformer by Acrolink

Prices: $6500
Pictured: front, rear

Reviewers Reviews
5Q Balanced Power Conditioner by Equi=Tech - The Pioneer of Balanced Power

Prices: $5600, $900
Pictured: 5Q, 5Q rear

Reviewers Reviews
Secrets of Home Theater (1.5R)
Burmester 948 Power Conditioner by Burmester

Prices: $5000
Pictured: 948

Reviewers Reviews
AudioREVIEW.com (948)
XE-12 (aka CF-X) by Sound Application - Concepts in Sound Engineering

Prices: $4,200 without power cord; $5,000 with the MAC Delta cord
Pictured: CF-X

Reviewers Reviews
EnjoyTheMusic.com (CF-X)
Stealth Power Purifier by Audio Magic

Prices: $3,500 Stealth B II; $1,600 standard Stealth; $600 mini Stealth
Pictured: Stealth B II, Stealth

Reviewers Reviews
EnjoyTheMusic.com (Stealth)
Power Wing by World Power

Prices: $2650
Pictured: Power Wing


Hydra by Shunyata Research - Audiophile power products
Discontinued (see Model-8 below)

Prices: $2500
Pictured: Hydra

Hydra Model-8 by Shunyata Research - Audiophile power products

Prices: $2000
Pictured: Hydra Model-8, Hydra Model-2

Reviewers Reviews
PP-1 by Platinum Power

Prices: $2500
Pictured: PP-1 front, PP-1 rear

Reviewers Reviews
TNT Audio (PP-1)
EP2000 AC Line
by ExactPower - The smart solution for clean AC power

Prices: $2495
Pictured: EP2000

Reviewers Reviews
SecretsofHomeTheaterHiFi (EP2000)
PS Audio PS600 by PS Audio

Prices: $2395
Pictured: PS600

Reviewers Reviews
PS Audio PS300 by PS Audio

Prices: $1295
Pictured: PS300

Reviewers Reviews
PowerIsolator XL by Transparent Cable - Audiophile power products

Prices: $2000
Pictured: PowerIsolator XL

Reviewers Reviews
Power Director by PS Audio

Prices: $1495
Pictured: PowerDirector

Reviewers Reviews
S1200 by Richard Gray Power Company - Audiophile power products

Prices: $2000, $750
Pictured: S1200, S1200, S400

Reviewers Reviews
AudioRevolution.com (S400)


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