Volume 11

Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Sunday October 12th, 2007

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I usually like the sound in Edge* rooms. They can usually make the best of any situation. But this year... the timbre seemed off and the dynamics uneven and ...














These new speakers from AudioKinesis do bass, lots of bass.


















Avatar carries some interesting products but this room did not stand out. I think it is their first year here as well.




















The only blowout I saw at Rocky Mountain this year. This is a pretty good deal, straight from the manufacturer, and it might make sense for people to just hold off purchasing these cables until the show each year.




The overall room aesthetic was nice - with a bar over on the left there.




The (new?) Avalon speakers sounded good - dynamic and musical.












This room did not seem to have the magic it has had at previous show elsewhere - or maybe I've just become jaded. It is, however, their first time here at RMAF.




Some kind of battery power pack in the background there. In the foreground one of their monoblock amplifiers.




We've taken close-up photos of many of these components in past reports.












This room had a sound like there were too many things in the room - like the sound you might hear in a store.




Looks lime they were using a Sqeezebox, at least some of the time.








You'd think I'd really like the sound in this room - high-efficiency, open-baffle design - but I found it so so.












I love the look of the Thorens amps. We have taken photos of other of their amps at previous shows. There is something about the early 60's look that I really dig. Sonically, they do not stand out during quick listening sessions. Then again, neither do Lamm* amplifeirs which we love the sound of.








A turntable I do not recognize. I bet Neli knows what it is. But she ain't here right now, so onward...








What looks like SRA's new equipment rack.


















Forgot to take a picture of their sign outside the room. Oops.

I think they were playing something quiet here, so I took most of the photos from across the room in order to get in and out as quickly as possible.








Four arms. This is so cool looking. And definitely convenient. Hopefully we will be getting a Brinkmann LaGrange soon so we can at least have two arms. One for mornings and one for evenings... ;-)
















It was cloudy Saturday, when these were taken, and the aesthetic of diffuse sunlight washing over components is just so ethereal.




Another room using the squeezebox.








Triode Corporations rooms are always musical - and at a down to earth price.
















Tri just came out with a pair of monoblock amplifiers. As always, nice looking. Nice sounding.




















What looks like new speakers from Ascendo.








A series of photos of the Memory Player, from close-up to entire equipment rack.












They were using an Acoustic Dreams* equipment rack, just like we were in our smaller Audio Note room. I congratulated them on their choice of racks :-)












Green Mountain offers a nice, laid back sound.
















Maybe next year I should spend more time listening and less time talking to Tom? Naaahhhh..... :-)








The Galibier turntable. I cropped the labels describing which table and arm and stuff because they were all out of focus. But this is their Gavia turntable with Stelvio platter, Triplaner Ultimate Mk. VII tonearm, Dynavector DRT XV-1s  cartridge.




This is the Serac turntable, Artisan Audio tonearm, Dynavector 20X cartridge,




Quicksilver Audio preamp.








Quicksilver Audio amplifier.












Love the sound of encloserless speakers, but here we have that Lowther sonic-signature and uneven bass. Still, some what refreshing just to get away from the sound of vibrating wood boxes.




Another Galibier turntable.




Copyright Audio Federation, Inc.. All rights reserved.
All pictures in this report are freely copyable and distributable.

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