CES 2007
Show Report

Las Vegas, Nevada
January 8 - January 11, 2007

CES - Las Vegas - 2007 - The Consumer Electronics Show + T.H.E. Show
Audio Federation show reports typically have between one and two thousand photos and extensive commentary. Commentary, not e-advertisements. If you want to know the price and poundage of something - go somewhere else. If you want to know if that same something caused an eargasm or eyegasm, or geekgasm, or ...not, this is the place.



CES 2007 Show Report  

Our official, post show, feet up on the monitor, in-depth, show all tell all report with almost 1700 photos. 2007 was one of the largest CES Shows ever. Not that they weren't pretty darn humongous before.


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The Show is a high-end audio show run simultaneously with CES The Show is a high-end audio show run simultaneously with CES

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