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The Stereophile High-end Audio Show
Los Angeles, California

June 1st-4th, 2006


The 'Dailies'
Day 4 (Four)


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The place to spend lots of money and then hear what you bought on almost 100 different systems.



Another place to spend money.



Their was lots of music being vended at the show this year.



The music venders were kind of spread out all over the place - this is only a small slice of the action.



The music.



The place where Mike & Neli bought lots of CDs because one of us forgot to bring the demo discs they (she :-) had packed.



The Continuum table and 'Cobra' tonearm


The Nagra PL-L preamplifier



The Metronome Kalista transport.



The tweeter and top driver of the Venture loudspeaker.



The head of a KEF loudspeaker



The Kuzma 'Stabi S' turntable and 'Stogi S' tonearm


Earthquake's 'Titan' center channel



Vivid Audio loudspeaker




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