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The Stereophile High-end Audio Show
Los Angeles, California

June 1st-4th, 2006


The 'Dailies'
Day 1 (One)


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The hotel from one of the front sides...



The display of A/V magazines in the Primedia universe.



The Studio Electric room.



The Acoustic Zen Adagio loudspeakers, Red Dragon amplifiers, ModWright preamplifier, ModWright modded Sony DVD player, Acoustic Dreams* equipment Rack.



The Lipinski monitors in a surround sound configuration



The Hollywood influence cannot be be stopped by the dark side.



The WLM 'Lyra' speakers, Audio Aero* Prestige amplifiers and CD / SACD player, HRS* MXR equipment rack



The Venture speakers with Concert Fidelity amplifiation, Weiss Media DAC, Sound Applications power distributors.



The Sonics speakers.



The Vandersteen V'A' speakers with Audio Research amplifiers.



The Eben speakers with VTL amps.



Wilson, probably Sophia 2, and VTL. One of at least 3 rooms with Wilson this year.



The McIntosh room. Sounded much better here than it did in Montreal.



The Hyperion speaker and electronics room.



The Bolzano Villetri SRL speakers.



The NEAT loudspeakers with Chord electronics.



The Von Gaylord room



The MBL room.



The Totem room



The Vivid Audio speakers



The Usher room with just about Usher everything.



The ESP speakers with Wavestream amplifiers



The Onkyo room with little Onkyo speakers.



The Watt/Puppy 8 loudspeakers with Audio Research amplifiers.



The Wilson Audio gallery with, right to left, Watt/Puppy 8, Maxx II, Alexandria X2, Sophia II, and Duette.



The  Wilson Sophia II, Lamm ML1.1 amplifiers with Lamm M1.2 hybrid amplifiers standing by.






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