Side 3
Home Entertainment Show
New York Hilton
April 30th, 2005

Track 8

Bosendorfer room

Bosendorfer, Adagio, Ensemble


Bosendorfer speakers, Adagio amplification, Ensemble digital

  For better pictures see the 6moons report. They nailed this room.

This room sounded like a very nice hi-fi system. A very pretty sound. Nice pure notes and pretty delicacies.

The system did seem to be able to reproduce a piano sound better than it could other sounds - which is good because their claim to fame is that they build very fine pianos - but it was still a far cry from what the more transparent systems at the show were able to accomplish. There was just no suspension of disbelief, by this listener, that there were real instruments up there playing music. There was just too many tonal, dynamic, and timing inaccuracies.








A Bosendorfer piano


A Bosendorfer piano



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