The Acapella Violon High Sub Loudspeakers
Uncrating, Unpacking, and Setup

The Violon are shipped in 3 wooden crates:

1. A small (approximately: 1ft x 1ft x 1.5 ft, 60-70 lbs.) crate containing both tweeters

2. A long crate (approximately: 2 - 3 ft wide x 4 -5 feet deep x 4 ft tall, approximately 400 lbs.) containing both woofer units.

3. A large squat crate (approximately: 3 - 4 ft wide x 3 - 4 ft deep x 4 ft tall, 200 - 250 lbs.) containing the top section (horn) units and parts)


Crates #2 and #3.

Opening crate #3

Undo all screws in the top and lift the top off of the crate.

Removing screws from Crate #3.


Crate #3 with the top off and the horn units visible.

Next, remove the four screws in each of two braces that fasten down the internal braces holding the horn units in place.

Removing the bluish screws holding down the brace.


Removing the bluish screws holding down the brace.

Next, lift out each horn unit.

Create # 2 with one horn unit removed.


Create # 2 with both horn units removed.

Opening crate #2

Undo all screws in the top and lift the top off of the crate.

The top off of crate #2, revealing the two woofer cabinets (covered by their grills).

Do as the instructions indicate and list out the two grills

One of the grills has been removed.


Removing the second grill.


Crate #2 with both woofer cabinets exposed.

remove the screws at the bottom of the crate in order to list off the sides.
lift off the sides of the crate.

The woofer cabinets exposed, wrapped in Styrofoam.

Remove the Styrofoam and carry the woofers to setup location.
Opening crate #1.


Remove the screws in the top and lift off the top.

Crate #1 with top removed, exposing the front of the two ION tweeters.


The shrink-wrapped Violon High Subs in the context of their big brothers, the Campanile Highs.


The next morning...


Close-up of a shrink-wrapped horn unit.

place the horn unit on top of the Violon in the slot provided and slide in the tweeter units into their slot from the front of the speaker..


Attach the speaker cables to the tweeter. Violons are bi-wireable with one set of binding posts at the top and one set at the bottom at the rear of the tweeter cavity.

Then attach the integral tweeter RCA cable to the back of the tweeter and plug the tweeter in.

Here we see the rear of the tweeter unit and the Nordost Valhalla speaker cable attached to the binding posts

The Violon High Subs are visually identical to the Violons and Violon Highs.

The Violons with their big brothers, the Campaniles, looking on.

Just add music!



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December, 2003