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Harmonic Resolution Systems
M3 Isolation Base
Helps Your Wonderful Components be Everything They Can Be





  • Drop in the noise floor reveals a new level of inner detail

  • Eliminates glare in digital signal quality without sacrificing resolution

  • Improves bass response and bass resolution of amplifiers

  • Larger soundstage with increased space between instruments

  • Increases detail and resolution of analog source

  • Significant increases in system musicality and performance veracity






The M3 Isolation Base remains one of the few fail-safe 'tweaks' in high-end audio. Put it under a component, and there will be anywhere from a mild to a flat out outrageous improvement in the sound of the component, and consequently of the system as a whole.

Works unbelievably well on tube equipment, transports and components with relatively thin chassis that are relatively susceptible to hostile vibrations.

Attractive, heavy, it works amazingly well sitting on an ordinary equipment rack, on the floor, or as a shelf in HRS's own MXR equipment rack.

It comes in several sizes, and is composed of a granite top piece attached to a steel frame, sitting on 4 or more special feet made of a proprietary polymer compound.

Is there a component in the system that is not sounding quite like it should? Expensive, well-reviewed, well-loved but it just sounds mediocre? Then, before it gets recycled for another expensive, well-reviewed, well-loved component, make sure there is a good power cord on it and plop it down on a HRS Isolation Base. It will be a whole new world, baby.



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