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Classic Vacuum Tubes
Tube Applications Sources Manufacturers
The 6C33C-B Russian Triode
Antique Sound  
Atma Sphere MA 1  
Graaf GM20 OTL  
Joule Electra  
Lamm ML1, ML2  
Tenor 75wi  
The Tube Store

Tube Man

Ulyanovsk, Russia
This tube works well with OTL (Output TransformerLess) amplifier designs. This Paper is on OTL designs using this tube.
The KT88/6550-C Russian Triode
6550-C Svetlana
6550-WE Sovtek
KT88-S Tesla/JJ
Audio Aero Capitole
Audio Research  
Triode Electronics Online Sovtek 6550-WE
Svetlana 6550-C
Electro-Harmonix 6550-EH
KT88 Svetlana
KT88-S Tesla/JJ
KT90 Ei-Yugo


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