Audio Federation at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2004 (Room #7930)
Boulder Colorado - 303-546-6503 -
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Marten Design Coltrane We chose these speakers for the show because they are one of the lightest and most room-friendly full-range speakers we carry, and, being both very accurate and very musical, very popular with audiophiles.

Utilizing a light-weight yet super-strong carbon fiber enclosure combined with 3 Accuton ceramic drivers and the Accuton diamond tweeter. 20 - 100,000 Hz +/- 2dB. 89dB. 104 lbs. From Sweden.

Audio Note Kegon We have found these amplifiers to sound quite magical in combination with the Coltranes, in spite of their relatively low power. Dynamics, verve, sophistication, embodiment, and pure pleasure to listen to.

22 watt Class A parallel single-ended no feedback mono triode power amplifiers, all Audio Note™ silver wired circuit & power supply, Audio Note™ silver foil signal capacitors & tantalum resistors, Black Gate caps where ever possible, all Audio Note™ silver wired output transformer. Show tube complement: 4 x EAT 300B (or Sophia/JJ 300B). From the U.K.

Edge Electronics NL
Signature One
These amplifiers are also amazingly synergistic with the Coltranes, the slight warmth of both components combining to produce a very transparent, very engaging sound.

Using EDGE proprietary Laser Biased Control circuitry this amplifier redefines "linear".  400 watts into 8 ohms. 115 lbs. From the U.S.A.

Lamm L2
The L2 Reference preamplifier is the very best hybrid solid-state / tube preamplifier in the world, and the most transparent, dynamically and harmonically correct preamplifier we have heard to date.

In particular it is a "Line-level dual-mono hybrid preamp with a separate power supply; tube rectifier, choke contained filter, vacuum tube regulator; and TKD stepped potentiometers for volume control -- the best available on today's market. From the U.S.A.

Ensemble Dirondo
This CD transport works in combination with the Audio Note DAC to add that extra amount of solidity, refinement, and rhythm, over and above that provided by the now-discontinued Audio Note transport.

A re-sampled, practically jitter-free, bit-enhanced digital signal with selectable 96 kHz or 192 kHz sampling frequency. From Switzerland.

Audio Note 4.1x Balanced DAC This DAC uses the 'back-to-nature' approach to avoid the artificiality and digititus associated with CD sound. A very natural sounding DAC that can be listened to 24 hours/day.

1xoversampling™ direct from disc™ technology with silver wired and patented Audio Note™ transformer coupled I/V interface. New Old Stock Philips/ECG 5687WB double triode no feedback anode follower output stage. From the U.K.

emm Labs / Meitner Design CDSD transport The hot new transport custom designed for emm Labs DACs by one of the primary inventors of the new SACD format. Plays CD and SACD discs and, in combination with the DAC, is widely acknowledged as currently the best SACD playback in existence. From Canada. $7,000.00
emm Labs / Meitner Design DCC2 The DCC2 brings to the home the same sonic performance of its professional sibling (the DAC 8) that was so instrumental in establishing the SACD format in the market place. Compatible with CD and SACD discs. From Canada. $10,000.00
Nordost Valhalla Clean, neutral, and fast. When your components are good enough that you want to hear everything they are capable of. These are THE standard, the ones to beat.

Made of many thin conductors, each conductor is made from optimized diameter solid 99.999999% oxygen free copper that has 78 microns of extruded silver on the surface. The surface of each conductor is highly polished before a high precision Micro Mono-Filament wrap is helically wound over the conductor. From the U.S.A.

Speaker cable:
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Starting at
Stealth INDRA The harmonics and emotion these cables reveal in the music make them invaluable in high-end systems. These cables are amorphous - i.e. the wire has zero grain or crystal structure. From the U.S.A. 1 meter RCA:
Jorma Design No. 1 Seductive and sultry yet detailed and pure. Same wire as in No.1 cables is used in the Coltrane speakers. From Sweden. 2.5 meter speaker cable:
Power cords and distributors
Shunyata Hydra-M8 The Hydra model-8 combines high-current capability with Shunyatas passive form of noise reduction and system protection to offer the perfect all-in-one power-distribution solution. From the U.S.A. $1,995.00
Shunyata Anaconda Alpha and Vx The Anaconda VX ’s with patented FeSi-1000 noise reduction materials (and the Alpha without) and hand-braided matrix conductor geometry act as an arm of refined noise-isolation when applied to noise-sensitive digital or visual electronics. From the U.S.A. $1,995.00
Nordost Valhalla Shunyata Anaconda Alpha, Vx, and Nordost Valhalla power cords are each plugged into whatever component that causes the overall system to sound its best.

Clean, neutral, and fast, sounding very much like their speaker cable and interconnect counterparts. From the U.S.A.

Rix Rax 4-shelf upright with hoodoo top Beautiful and striking, one of the very few racks that can be classified as fine furniture.

Maple overlaid on top of MDF shelves with Cocobolo inlay. This particular rack was featured in Robbs Report. From Canada.

Starting at
Acoustic Dreams 4-shelf rack We like these because of their modular design, solid construction and design, and because it has vibration control built-in, and so saves us money by not having to put a vibration control platform underneath every component on every shelf.

Built-in multi-layer multi-material vibration control shelves mounted on cones on a compressed aluminum and specially dampened stand. From the U.S.A.

Vibration Control platforms and tweaks
Harmonic Resolution systems (HRS) M3 Isolation Base The HRS Isolation base significantly improves the performance of any component that it is placed under. The base consists of a thick slab of granite in a metal frame resting on four very special feet. From Canada. Couplers starting at $52.00. Platforms starting at $1,475.00
Acoustic Dreams Amp stand Built-in multi-layer vibration control platforms mounted on spikes. From the U.S.A. $400.00
Acapella Fondato Silenzio This vibration isolation platform increases the detail and articulation amazing well independently of the weight of the component or speaker on top of it. Filled with lead, sand and felt. From Germany. Starting at
Walker Vivid This CD / SACD/ DVD cleaning solution removes anomalies that jar the senses, abrade the ears, poop the party, and in particular take away from the enjoyment of the music/video. From the U.S.A. $45.00 / $70.00