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The ambiance of being near an airport helps us all keep in touch with what real bass sounds like

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The 2004 CES and T.H.E. Show Reports

High-end Home Audio Conferences
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2004


We are dealers for Acapella Audio Arts, Accustic Arts, Acoustic Dreams, Audio Aero, Audio Note U.K., Edge Electronics, HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems), Lamm Industries, Loricraft, Lyra, Magic Diamond Blue, Marten Design, Nordost, RixRax, Shunyata Research, Sound Lab, and Walker Audio. We do try to be as honest (and some may say ruthless) as always regards our reporting the sound of these lines at the conferences, whether they sounded fantastic or completely sucked, but we must necessarily hold back (some :-) on our exuberance, or perhaps even disappointment, in the name of good taste, when referring to these lines or their direct competitors.

Day 3










































The Burmester Room

































Walker Audo - Zingali Room



Immedia - Audio Physic / Burmester Room



































The Ayre - Avalon Room































Wavac - Talon room



Musical Surroundings Room





Morkai Room

The Diamond F1 Speakers




EgglestonWorks - Theta Room



KR Audio Room

The Kronzilla amplifier


Martin Logan - Blue Circle Room


Merlin Room























Edge Room




Soundlab - Vitus Room


Penaudio Room


Audio Note - Kondo


Axiss Room


Accuphase Room


















Record Flattener


Avantgarde Room


Hovland Room


Lamm Room














Talon - Chapter - HRS Room
























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