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The 2004 CES and T.H.E. Show Reports

High-end Home Audio Conferences
Las Vegas, Nevada
January 2004


We are dealers for Acapella Audio Arts, Accustic Arts, Acoustic Dreams, Audio Aero, Audio Note U.K., Edge Electronics, HRS (Harmonic Resolution Systems), Lamm Industries, Loricraft, Lyra, Magic Diamond Blue, Marten Design, Nordost, RixRax, Shunyata Research, Sound Lab, and Walker Audio. We do try to be as honest (and some may say ruthless) as always regards our reporting the sound of these lines at the conferences, whether they sounded fantastic or completely sucked, but we must necessarily hold back (some :-) on our exuberance, or perhaps even disappointment, in the name of good taste, when referring to these lines or their direct competitors.

Day 1


























The Rooms

Tenor Room

Tenor displaying their 300HP hybrid amplifiers on Silent Running amps stands into Kharma Midi-Grands. Source was the new EMMLabs DCC2 DAC and prototype DCC2 transport. The new Shunyata Hydra-8 was cleaning up the power.



























Closeup of the Meitner/EMMLabs DCC2 front end and he Shunyata Hydra-8.


Gryphon Room

Wadia Room


GTT Audio Room


The new Lamm M1.2 Reference driving the Kharma 3.2 speakers. Source was CEC transport driving EMMLabs DAC.


Ai Room




Marten Design - E.A.R. Room


Marten Design introducing their new Alto Coltrane speakers driven by EAR amplification.























The Marten Design Coltranes in a maple finish.
























The Marten Design Alto Coltrane 3-way, all ceramic drivers with carbon fiber enclosure





















Underneath of the Alto Coltrane




Audio Note U.K. Room



























The Audio Note U.K. Ongaku






Alon / Antique Sound Labs Room

The new $45,000 Alon Proteus speakers driven by ASL Hurricane 20W tube monoblock amplifiers.












Precision VII, Miyabi MC cartridge, Triplaner MK VIII arm














The Hurricanes.




Verity Audio Room



Quad Room



Gilmore Room

































Kimber Room

This system consists of carefully recording music onto hard disk, which is then played back off hard disk and ultimately through the EMMLabs DAC8 into Krell monoblocks out through two custom Kimber monitors.


AudioMachina Room


Westlake Room



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