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Updated April 2006



2-channel Audio

Audiogon - Large number of topics. Moderated, polite discussion group
Audio Asylum - Large number of topics. Rough and tumble free-for-all discussions
Romy the Cat's Good Sound Club - Information with perspective
Echo Loft - Singapore-centered forum in English. Good balance of high-end with upper mid-fi discussions. Very polite and well-mannered.
Stereophile Forums - Forums associated with the magazine
Audio Nirvana - Forums founded by Myles Astor
Lavry Forum - Forum associated with the pro-audio manufacturer and others.
AvGuide's TAS Letter Forum - Letters to the Editor Forums
Decware Forums - Forums
Pink Fish Media Forums - Forums
Harmonic Discord - Audiophile-grade discussion forums
Audio Annex - Audio discussion forums which observe and poke fun at Audio Asylum and other home audio luminaries
Doctor John Cheap Tube Audio - DJ's alternative tube magazine/group
SteveHoffman Forums - A number of topics are discussed..
World Tube Audio Forum - Topic is: Vacuum tubes.
diyAudio Forums - Do it yourself
hktubeaudio - Hong Kong Tube Audio Club
The Vinyl Engine Forum - Turntable discussions and manual postings
Audio Circle - A number of topics are discussed.
Audio Karma - Topics on audio, low to mid-fi emphasis.
Cloney Audio Board - Small but active audio and video board
Head-Fi - Headphones...
World Tube Audio - Forum and Free Classifieds
eCoustics, including Audioholics Forums - "The unbiased resource for consumer electronics product reviews, buying guides, and more..."
AudioSold - "High end audio, DIY, home theater, audiophile hobbyist site. Forums, photos, reviews and more."
All - " is a free, independent resource made available to you by a group of volunteers. Please enjoy the forum! ".
Gear Slutz - Hardcore technical discussions, involving some manufacturers like Eva Manley
Audio Review Forums
U.K. Forum - Mostly car audio
Michael Green Audio Forum
Canadian Forum - Including a classifieds section
New Zealand Audio Forum

Home Theater

AVS Forum - Large forum dedicated to Audio / Visual topics, especially home theater
AV Forum - Another largish forum dedicated to Audio / Visual topics, especially home theater
Home Theater Spot - A large forum dedicated to both Audio and Video
DVD Talk Forum - Chat about... DVDs
Home Theater - Large number of topics are discussed..
Home Theater Forum - Large number of forums and DVD reviews - Topic is: Video technology.
AV Talk - U.K. Forum



Non-English Forums
Swedish Audio Board - In Swedish
Euphonia Hififorum - Mostly Swedish
Audio Forum - Russian forum almost completely in... Russian
Japanese Board
French Board
Audio-Conseil - Haute Fidelite - French Canadian



General Information
World Tube Audio - Encyclopedia, directory, forum and classifieds.
Stereophile's Audio Glossary - Stereophile magazine, launched in 1962, was the first to review audio products on the basis of their sound rather than their measurements. Stereophile and other like-minded magazines have expanded subjectivity's working 70-word vocabulary to over 300 terms, all of which are listed and defined in this series of articles.
GoodSound! Glossary - A - Z definitions of audiophile terminology
Andrew's Audio HI-Fi Recommendations - A very long list includes names, often manufacturer links, and sometimes links to pictures of 1000s of audio components
THE GOOD SOUND FOR CHEAP FAQ - 'The Good Sound for Cheap FAQ is an introduction to high fidelity stereo systems priced from $500 to $2000 (US dollars). It is aimed at the new stereo buyer. Audiophiles with experience in the stereophonic marketplace will find few surprises here. Rather, it is the music listener whose familiarity extends not much farther than Sony and Bose who has much to discover.'
Audio Asylum FAQ - AudioAsylum's FAQ
Tweaking your Record-Player - J. Gordon Holt, July 1990 for Stereophile
THE AUDIO CIRCUIT - 'The Audio Equipment Circuit is created due to the success of the Electrostatic Loudspeaker Circuit. We decided to create more Circuits on audio equipment, all based on the same concept. This concept consist of a very open site where everybody can add his expertise, remarks, opinions etc.'
Recommended Audio System “Tweaks” - Magnan Audio Cables: 'We have found the following list of “tweaks” or adjustment/correction techniques to be essential for great sound. Individually and collectively these modifications have improved the sound of our system more than any component upgrades such as new amplifiers, preamps, etc. We believe our findings are applicable and useful to audiophiles in general, but of course we cannot guarantee the same results given the great variation in personal taste and component design. '
Turntable System Setup - Van den Hul: 'When you’re suffering the itch to improve your system but can’t find the money, a possible solution is to spend some time fiddling with your turntable.'
Van den Hul Turntable Cartridge FAQ - 'Frequently asked questions about phono cartridges or "Everything you always wanted to know about phono replay but were afraid to ask..."'
Understanding dB (decibels) - One decibel is one tenth of a Bel, named for Alexander Graham Bell....



Technical Information
Electronics and Computer Course - 'Welcome to the course. I've been working on it for years, and it is truly a monumental work. It is not complete, and there are errors, but the THEORY is sound. '
Lessons in Electric Circuits - 'A free series of textbooks on the subjects of electricity and electronics. Copyright © 2000-2003, Tony R. Kuphaldt'
How Tubed and Solidstate Amplifiers Work - Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Volume 1, Number 1, 1994 5. Amplifiers (Revised June, 2000)
Class 'A' - the best way to run valves? - Class A, AB, B and Push-pull amplifier design overview
CD-Recordable FAQ - 'This document attempts to answer Frequently Asked Questions about CD-Recordable technology and related fields. It is a Usenet newsgroup FAQ, updated and posted around the middle of each month. The main foci are explaining CD-R technology, describing hardware and software solutions for creating audio CDs and CD-ROMs, and helping people find solutions to common problems.'
How Stuff Works - How speakers work (and more)
EAResponsible Wiring (Cable Break-in) - Cable break-in analyzed by cable experts and manufacturers
In Search Of The Audio Abode---The Hi-fi House - J. Gordon Holt's 1990 Stereophile article
Room Mode Calculator - 'This JavaScript calculator will determine the Axial, Tangential and Oblique room modes of regular rectangular shaped rooms with uniform wall construction. Axial room modes involve only a single room dimension, Tangential room modes involve two surfaces and Oblique modes involve three surfaces (across the corners). This is especially useful in finding the optimum room shape for home theatre and listening rooms, studios, and practice rooms. '
Video Connectors Page - 'Connectors, Resolution, Digital, Analog, VGA, DVI-- there seems to be a never-ending stream of terminology and concepts used in the A/V industry. In this page you will see an overview of concepts needed to understand most often used signal types and connectors in a video system. '
Hi-Fi Literature - Manuals and information about older hi-fi components
dCS White Papers - A number of papers discussing digital formats and equipment issues
World Tube Audio Portal - Ultimate Tube Audio Encyclopedia
Turntable Basics Advice Page - 'The purpose of this page is to give a basic introduction to the issues involved in turntable performance. '
The Analog Dept. - 'The focus at this website is to provide useful information freely to audiophiles interested in the hardware that plays the vinyl Lp.'
AudioQuest Cable Theory - Basic theory and design challenges as well as overview of their product line.
Joe's Tube Lore - Life with well as the 6DJ8, 6922, 7308
What makes a speaker tube friendly? - Symphony Sound: 'Many of our customers are tube enthusiasts (or aspiring tube enthusiasts), hence one of the most common questions we are asked is "Will my speakers run on tubes?"'
Frequency Range of Vocals and Musical Instruments - Typical Sound Pressure Levels and Piano Keyboard frequencies
The Amplifier Institute: Audio Power Amplifer Design - A series of papers on various aspects of amplifier design by published author Douglas Self
Vacuum Tube Valley FAQ - 'The following is a comprehensive guide and series of FAQs for modern tube hifi and guitar amps, tube types, amp types, tweaks and general advice for the beginner and intermediate tube audio enthusiast.'
Fundamentals of Isolating Suspensions - Stereophile sidebar on vibration control platforms
Audio World - Cable soldering diagrams and pin numbers - For a number of different interconnect cable types
Digital to Analog Conversion Technical Issues - As related to the building of a DAC.
Introduction to digital audio - 'This web page provides a short [very technical] introduction to digital signal processing and the conversion of signals from the digital to the analog domain, or vice versa. It consists of an assembled collection of publications, mainly obtained from the internet, which are edited and re-grouped. '
Tube data sheets and Schematics - Tube data sheets and amplifier, etc. schematics
Calculations 3 - Acoustics and calculation conversions
Loudspeaker Frequency Test - A number of tones to try out on your computer system.



Cool Pictures
Exotic Audio -
Turntable Gallery - 'Half of the pictures in this gallery are copied with kindly permission from Werner Ogiers' Turntable Galleria.'
The - Museum of Musical Instruments
Exotic Turntables from all over the World - Audiophile Club of Athens (best when used with Internet Explorer)
Vinyl Engine Gallery - Pictures of older turntables



Stores & Talk

Amazon - Online Super Store
CD Universe - Music Movies Games
AMG - All Music Guide - Online Catalog and Music Store - Large Classical music retail site Decca Legends - Wonderful historical classical recordings mastered at 24/196
Cora Connection - The leading resource for the Kora and Manding Music since 1996
Music Direct - Audiophile CDs and LPs and also Equipment - North America's Entertainment E-Store (CDs, DVDs, Videos, Calendars, Wholesale). Very large selection.
Cheap-CDs - 'Buy Music CDs Online at Wholesale Cost, $5 Under Retail' - 'Search over half a million discounted book, music, and movie titles'
The Ultimate CD and DVD Store - 'This site features a limited selection of top-selling CD & DVD titles. You can view our entire inventory of more than 100,000 titles by visiting Yahoo! Music Shopping for CDs or Yahoo! DVD Shopping for movies.'
Classical Net - 'Classical Net features more than 2500 CD reviews, as well as 5800 files and over 4000 links to other classical music web sites.'
DVD Talk
All About Jazz
Subterranean Records! - Subterranean Records home of the obscure LP, CD and 7".
Fat Chuck's Corrupt CDs - 'These are the music CDs that:
1. Prevent you from copying it for personal use or from playing it on computerized devices (computers, DVD players, game consoles like PlayStation, MP3 players, consumer CD duplicators, high-end stereo equipment and car CD players).
2. In the United States, Canada and the UK, these "copy-protected" CDs are often unmarked. Once you buy it, you can only exchange it and hope that the replacement isn't defective too. '
ON+ON RECORDS - Used Techno & House Records 4 Sale
Kultasointu - Kultasointu is a Finnish enterprise and trademark for nature recordings.
Fantasy Catalog - Jazz, Blues and R & B
DCC Blowout - Audiophile Compact Discs Wholesale to the Public!
Reference Reecordings - Classical, Jazz, Vocals, Test/Sampler audiophile recordings - Large Classical music retail site Decca Legends - Wonderful historical classical recordings mastered at 24/196
CISCO Music - Catalog of audiophile recordings retail site
Acoustic Sounds
Twisted Village
Dusty Groove
LP Classics - LPs from the U.K.
Classic Choice - LPs from the U.K.
Deep Discount CD
Artist Shop - Lots of progressive and fusion
ArsAntiqua - The world's largest online classical vinyl record store




Lists of Audiophile Quality Music
Linkwitz Lab List of 40 or so favorite CDs
Harry Pearson's Super CD List A/V Guide list of HP's (editor of The Absolute Sound) favorites.
Stereophile's Records 2 Die 4 List of all entries in the 'Records to Die For' section of Stereophile for the last 12 years.
Miles Ahead: Sony Mastersound CD Reissues Miles Davis CDs
Good Sound Club A performance-centric site about classical music. SACD news and the list of all the currently released SACDs


Links to Links
Avid Listener Links to manufacturers, distributors, stores and information resources.
List of Manufacturers
Todd's Audio Links Audio Company Links
Audio Shopping and Dealerships
Music Related Links
Audio and Electronics and Parts
System Pictures
Audio Shopping Links to all sorts of places to buy things
hifi @ rabagast Links to manufacturers with a European slant
Classical Net Links to 'Classical Music Informational Sites'
Audio/Video Magazine Links  
Audio World News and ' More than 2,900 audio-specific website links! '
Pro audio / digital manufacturers  
Audio Grid Page of lotsa links
HiFi Resource Links of various sorts
Audio Tools Links of various sorts
Andy Hi-Fi Links of various sorts


DIY (Do It Yourself) Links
Speaker Designs Loudspeaker Driver Selection Guide by Bob Stout sponsored by Sonic Craft
Single Driver Website 'This website is dedicated to the single full-range driver loudspeaker.'
Jon Risch's Audio DIY Notes & Tweak Info This is the home page for the Audio DIY Notes & Tweak Info web site.
Madisound Speaker Components 'We have been selling speaker parts and kits to individuals, small manufacturers and auto sound installers since the '70's. '
Audio Design Guide Andrea Ciuffoli's site: 'The bigger High-end Audio circuits and documentation web (85 megabytes online)'
Marchand Electronics Inc. 'Electronic Crossovers (frequency dividing networks), Solid State and Tube, MOSFET Power Amplifiers, Passive Preamps.
Kit and Assembled.'
World Audio Design 'The specialists in tube amplifier and pre-amplifier kits, loudspeaker kits and related publications'
Parts Express Audio, Video and Speaker Building Components
Linkwitz Lab 'You have come to the right place if you are looking for information about loudspeakers and electro-acoustic design.'
Manger Sound Transducer New type of speaker driver
The Vacuum tubes
Accuton High-tech loudspeaker drivers with ceramic or diamond membranes
AudioVideoPhilia A personal journey. Dedicated to do-it-yourself tube audio. 'Projects by the fanatics for the fanatics'
Audio DAC 'The information presented on this web-site reflects 5 years of work with 4 persons, who tried to create good digital sound. '
Corona Phone Plasma Tweeter 'A Solid-State, FET-Based Ion Tweeter Group #21 Villanova University Class of 2002 ' And links to other ION tweeter websites.


Tube Sellers
Electron Valve  
Tube World  
The Tube Store  
BOI Audio Works  
Sophia Electric Source of Sophia tubes such as the Sophia 300B
Audio Tubes Brent Jessee Recording & Supply, Inc
Farmer's Vacuum Tubes  



Equipment Review

Audiophilia - Magazine's review archives (best with Internet Explorer)
Tuner Information Center - Shootouts...systematically evaluating the sound of many top tuners - ' features the "archived" equipment reviews for SoundStage!, Home Theater & Sound, GoodSound!,, and -- all part of The SoundStage! Network.' - Speakers, Amps, TVs, Digital, Analog, Car Audio, .
Stereophile - Many of the reviews from the magazine are online here.
Positive Feedback - The reviews and articles from the online magazine are here.
10Audio - Over 100 reviews and shootouts. Advertising free.



Mark Levinson Camac connectors
The Soul of Sound Library - A collection of articles by Lynn Olson
Lansing Heritage Library - 'Our librarians are working diligently to maintain a comprehensive repository of the published literature for the three companies James B. Lansing was involved with. Currently, we have very detailed coverage of JBL. Coverage for Altec Lansing is less complete and is fairly sparse for Lansing Manufacturing.'
The History Of the Loudspeaker - A list of the different types of speaker technologies
The History Of Harmonic Distortion - A evaluation of the pursuit of the reduction in harmonic distortion to the exclusion of good and reasonable sound.



Fan Websites
& Clubs

Quad ESL-57 Hotline - Website dedicated to the original Quad speakers. Powered by Dr. Quad
Sound LAB Owner's Group
Atma-Sphere Owner's Group
Martin Logan Club
Electrocompaniet Fan Club
Acapella Forum - Forum on Acapella's website (translated into English).



User Societies
Boston Audio Society
Audiophile's Home - English, and optionally Chinese, website of features and systems
Colorado Audiophile Society
Audiophile Club of Athens
Chicago Horn Speaker Club
Hong Kong Tube Audio Club
Melbourne Audio Club Inc.
South Florida Audio Society
Audio Society of Minnesota
Atlanta Audio Society
Chicago Audio Society
Connecticut Audio Society
Boston Audio Society
Carolina Audio Society (CAS)
Audiophile Society of New South Wales



Shows / Conferences
Festival Son & Image of Montreal - 'The Festival offers enthusiasts of high fidelity and home theatre a place to meet, to listen and watch the latest and the best in this world of fascination. '
Midwest Audiofest - Lima, Ohio in April
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Denver Colorado in September / October
CES - Las Vegas in early January
T.H.E. Show - Las Vegas in early January



Professional Organizations
PARA - Professional AudioVideo Retailers Association - 'PARA is an international organization of independent specialty audio/video, custom installation, and home theater companies dedicated to providing customers with expert advice, quality products, leading edge technology and world-class customer service.'
CEA - The Consumer Electronics Association - CEA holds the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) every year.
AES - Audio Engineering Society - 'The Audio Engineering Society, now in its fifth decade, is the only professional society devoted exclusively to audio technology. '



Extreme Hardcore Audiophilia
The One And Only Original And True Triode Guild® - Dedicated to Dr. Harvey "Gizmo" Rosenberg
Roadkills-R-Us Brand Musical Instrument Cables
Mothra Research Unlimited
The World's First Jet Powered Beer Cooler
The Free Music Philosophy (v1.4)
H-CAT : Holographic Cloning Amplifier Technology




Manufacturers Manufactures top quality OTL and hybrid audiophile amplifiers




Red Trumpet - Use their search feature to locate audiophile CDs and LPs
SMR Home Theatre and Audio Forums
Audio Board - Single topic forum with a Hong Kong / Asian orientation
Analogue Addicts Forum - Forum, in English, for those who live in or are interested in Hong Kong
Plasma Speakers - 'I have made a DIY Plasma Speaker for all of you who want to experiment. For schematics and how to get started look in the PLASMA SPEAKER SECTION on this site.'


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