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These tables list the definitions of the terms we use to describe the type of experience systems, speakers, amplifiers, fact any component, were apparently designed to produce. Secondary characteristics of a system or component, if any, can also be present and are listed in order of significance. There are no better or best in these characteristics, per se - just differences.

However, in general, something has to handle the characteristics at the top of the list to be able to perform well at the more comprehensive characteristics listed at the bottom. This is especially true for Real/Truth and Magical/Spiritual. But, as always, there are exceptions.


Impressive - Exaggerated bass and/or dynamics and/or detail
Sweet - Exaggerated harmonics and/or warmth
Enjoyable - Nice to listen to, pleasant, musical
Emotional - Music often pulls at heart strings
Sophisticated - Excessive micro-dynamics and finesse, entertains the mind
Natural - Timbre/tone is correct, everything else well balanced, especially note attack and decay
Workhorse - Competent with no real intention to do anything specific especially well
Real/Truth - Transparent, accurate
Magical/Spiritual - Precipitates psychological effects other than what might be expected


Use the ears, Luke.



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