Jorma Design PRIME interconnects for sale

UPDATED September 18, 2017

Jorma Design PRIME interconnects for sale.

This is our last pair of PRIME interconnects. Dealer Demo. One meter.  RCA. Very detailed with excellent harmonic color.

Well broken in using the Nordost Vidar and by a few years of using them in a million dollar hifi system.

New MSRP $12000, asking $7000 obo for the pair. With original case.

Have more questions about these or want to purchase them? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503.



Specials: Acoustic Dreams 4-shelf equipment rack

UPDATED: 14 July 2018

Beautiful equipment rack from Acoustic Dreams. Very modular and effective. The hollow legs are under tension so no ringing at all. Shelves are 5-way constrained layer damping design with maple tops (not veneer) and spikes that set into brass placements. Shelf supports cinch to legs for infinite adjustability with marks that make selecting each half inch increment easy. Oversized top shelf (28″ x 24″) suitable for a large and heavy turntable — we had the Walker on this for a while. Original retail $6900, including custom top shelf. Very nice condition. Asking $4500 OBO.

This is an excellent performer at an affordable price. Acoustic Dreams is no longer in the audio business; since we are a store, we try to focus on pieces that are in production, so that we can order you a new one if you like. Crated up and mostly ready to ship (freight). Happy to deliver and set up if you’re within a decent day’s drive from us in Palo Alto.

Have more questions about this Acoustic Dreams equipment stand? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503.

IMG_8225-acoustic-dreams-rack-in-corner IMG_8227-acoustic-dreams-rack-in-corner