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  Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms (Hybrid CD/SACD Version) We compare the XRCD version with the SACD version on the EMM Labs / Meitner CDSD transport and DCC2 DAC SACD/CD combo.






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Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon (Hybrid CD/SACD Version) This is a great reissue CD. We all know this music.... or do we? There seems to be more here, a LOT more. And it seems to sound more like it sounded when I first heard it, by ears undamaged by digital and solid-state harshness and the travails of life. If you really like this music, and if you can afford it, this CD, by itself, makes the emmLabs CDSD/DCC2 player combo worth its purchase price (if you can afford it, a cool $20K).
Music: 10.  Sound: 10


Skip Hop & Wobble - Jerry Douglas, Russ Barenberg, Edgar Meyer
Modern bluegrass? Jazz grass? This album is chock full of foot stomping, knee slapping acoustic music recorded in an intimate, you-are-there manner and the quality of the sound is excellent.
Music: 9
Sound: 9

  John Coltrane And Johnny Hartman [HYBRID SACD]
The big, deep saxophone complements the deep oh so romantic vocals. The SACD is only marginally better than the ordinary CD.
Music: 9
Sound: 9
  Amnesiac ~ Radiohead
I previously thought Radiohead was pop pap - until I heard this album. Especially on Vinyl, this starts off generating a sound pressure field that swirls around your head, setting you up for the rest of the incredibly deep sound-field and intriguing and non-cookie-cutter score.
Music: 9
Sound: 7 (C), 9(LP)
  American Beauty: Original Motion Picture Score [SOUNDTRACK]
What a kick. From bongos to electronica, this music has entertained us for years now and serves as one of our reference recordings.
Music: 9
Sound: 9






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