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TSD1 CD/SACD Transport

EMM Labs

Solid-state CD/SACD transport from EMM Labs
how it sounds

Like the DAC2, its companion converter, the TSD1 transport has been endowed with Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT™) signal processing technology. Connect transport and dac via the single-cable EMM Link interface and your CDs and SACDs are automatically upsampled to 5.6 mHz, double the SACD standard sampling rate. MDAT™ also dynamically adapts to the transient nature of musical signal instead of addressing it conventionally, as a series of sine waves. This technology enables the TSD1 to do something unheard of in the world of digital audio: preserve the phase and frequency integrity of the original signal.

Power consumptionmax. 40 W
DimensionsW x D x H: 435 x 400 x 140mm

  • Meitner Digital Audio Translator (MDAT™) signal processing technology
  • EMM Link digital output for DAC2 converter. Glass optical interconnect is immune from EMI/RFI interference
  • Optical output for 2 or 6 channel DSD (either from SACD or 2 channels upconverted from CD)
  • AES/EBU output for PCM from CD
  • BNC clock input for external clocking
  • USB port for future software upgrades
  • Serial port for wired remote control
  • Machined aluminum multifunction infrared remote control
  • Massive machined aluminum chassis
  • CE-compliant device
  • Power Supply:
  • Power-factor corrected
  • Factory set to 100V or 115V or 230V, 50/60Hz