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Gaku-On Monoblock Amplifier

Audio Note (UK)

Statement amplifier from Audio Note featuring 211 tubes and transformer-coupled output
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Level Five, 45 watt Class A parallel single-ended no feedback mono triode power amplifiers with ultra simple fully transformer coupled circuit topology with in-house designed and wound input, driver and output transformers, all Audio Note™ silver wired, AN Perma 50 double C-cored, 2 watt Audio Note™ tantalum resistors, Black Gate™ WKz and NH type capacitors in power supply, Black Gate™ N-type decoupling capacitors, no signal coupling capacitors whatsoever (!), valve compliment, 4 x NOS VT4-C/211, 4 x NOS 5R4WGB, 2 x NOS VT25/10Y

power45 watts

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