Jorma Design PRIME interconnects for sale

Jorma Design PRIME interconnects for sale.

This is our last pair of PRIME interconnects. Dealer Demo. One meter.  RCA. Very detailed with excellent harmonic color.

Well broken in using the Nordost Vidar and by a few years of using them in a million dollar hifi system.

New MSRP $12000, asking $5000 obo for the pair. With original case.

Have more questions about these or want to purchase them? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503.

IMG_3957-jorma-design-prime-interconnect IMG_3956-jorma-design-prime-interconnect

Specials: Jorma Design No. 1 bi-wire speaker cable: SOLD

This pair is SOLD. 2.5 meters, biwire, spades. Ex-demo. Very nice and musical sounding – the ones with real bybees – these speaker cables have really decent resolution but with great harmonics. MSRP $9800, your price $4500.

We also have a single wire pair of Jorma No. 1 available.

Have more questions about these? Send us an email (, or give Neli a call: 303.546.6503.





SOLD: Walker High-Definition Links

These old ones with no box were sold, but we do have some newer ones (some NIB) with the boxes …  Older version. Without box. Original MSRP $600, asking $250 for this pair with no documentation. These look like our other Ultimate High Definition Links. We found these quite effective on the Soundlab Ultimates. For more information, send us an email ( or call Neli: 303-546-6503