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Extreme Avantgarde / Burmester System Sighting

Monday, December 19th, 2011 by Mike

Another cool sighting, this time on Avantgarde’s website where users can post photos of their systems.

Avantagarde Trio Classico systems

I think what makes this especially cool is the Clearaudio Statement turntable and how it is positioned right out there in front.

It looks really accessible and awesome there, and one can hope that the basshorn is a side-firing horn so that it is not blasting directly at the table itself.

Considering how dynamic the horns are combined with how extremely dynamic that table is… whoa boy, this must be something … quite dynamic… to hear [even though the electronics, Burmester, is somewhat [much] quite civilized, dynamically, compared to, I think, most other electronics out there - we had a nice Burmester pre here for many years before we decided to go nuts. But, on the other hand, the size of those girnormous Burmie amps might remove any semblance of this being in any way a civilized presentation.]

Yep, love to hear this system [reggae must be AWESOME]. But I would make sure I was holding onto something… :-)

ZSHifi: Marten Coltrane Supreme / Bladelius

Monday, December 19th, 2011 by Mike

And here is another entry in our continual pursuit of cool Sightings, in the wild, as it were. People often point us to extreme high-end systems they run across. And here is another written up by a dealer in Taiwan [thanks to Florian for finding this].

ZS HiFi: The world’s first pair of users Marten Coltrane Supreme

Apparently the this Taiwan dealer was one of the first, if not the first, to sell a pair [or is that quad?] of Coltrane Supreme speakers.

Their customer’s system, that we see here, is running a Bladelius CD player and amp. Bladelius makes the subwoofer amp that the Supremes use and is another Swedish company.

I note how that have a video screen mounted in the ceiling behind/between the speakers. We have been wanting to do this for forever but for some husband/wife arguing about precise positioning and size issues [take that however you want :-) ].

They also have a little Marten Duke monitor speaker on their equipment rack. And B&O speakers in the ceiling corners.

I love the look of the highly polished floor [wood or bamboo] and the speaker’s reflection but wonder at the sonic consequences.

I used the Google Chrome browser to translate the page, and I have to tell you, even translated it is not easy to understand much of what is being said. They run Karaoke through the Marten Dukes… OK…. but movies too? Seems like such a waste… :-)

Another Extreme System Sighting - Acapella Sphaeron Excalibur

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011 by Mike

Another sighting of an extreme system [thanks, Florian :-) ].

This time an Acapella Spharon Excalibur horn speaker, their statement speaker, which has the bass horn built into the wall behind the main speakers. These speakers are for sale on Audiodoo for around $173,251.00 (new $400,000).

The amp in the picture is the Unison Research 845 Absolute integrated in a white custom finish. I believe Acapella is the distributor for these amps within Germany.

Love the clean modern look of the room - all the white that perfectly matches the white of the speakers. These speakers are on consignment and being sold by a dealer - but can’t tell for certain if this is a dealer showroom or someone’s home.

Hiendy: Ktêma, Audio Note Gaku-on, Audio Note M10, Esoteric

Friday, November 18th, 2011 by Mike

[… and here we are starting a new category - cool Sightings, in the wild, as it were. People often point us to extreme high-end systems they run across. Finally it dawned… maybe we should collect them here - let people see that we, and they, are not the only ones with the vision and passion. Thanks go out to Florian for this one]

Hiendy: Impeccable home visits

[The system components are listed below. These would run about $1M USD. The speakers are by the previous founder/designer at Sonus Faber (who left when they were bought by a hedge fund)]

CD player: Esoteric P-01 VU version + D-01 VU version + G-0Rb Master Clock
vinyl combination: SME 30/12 + Simplicity + Thales Air Tight PC-1 Supreme + Boulder 2008
Pre-Amp: Audio note M10
Power-Amp: Audio Note Gaku-On $
speaker: Ktêma
Power Processor: Shunyata Research Hydra V-Ray + Shunyata Research Hydra 2

Siltech Royal Signature Ruby Double Crown PC 2M x 3 (turntable, mono- block after the class)
Siltech Royal Signature Empress Double Crown XLR 1.5M x 2 (CD decoding - the former level, Phono-preamp)
Siltech Royal Signature Empress Double Crown XLR 2M (before the class - after class)
Siltech Golden Eagle 75 X 3 (Clock Cable, Clock - turntable, decoding)
Tara Labs The Zero AES / EBU 2M x 2 (CD turntable - decoding)
Shunyata Research King Cobra CXZ filling sand version x 3 (mono decoding, Master Clock)
Shunyata Research King Cobra CX x 2 (Phono Amp, Power processor)
Audio Note Sogon PC 2M (Pre-Amp) x 4

Finite Elemente Cerabase Compact x 3 sets (after class)
Finite Elemente Cerabase x 3 sets (Boulder Supply device)
Air-Tight Carbon Block graphite block (Pre-Amp)
SYMPOSIUM (Master Clock)
Vibraplane’s Active Air flotation pads x 2 + pump
in box Tripoint Audio TROY
audio frame: Venture HiFi Rack x 2

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