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December, 2008

CES 2009 - leaving in about a week… is anybody ready?

Tuesday, December 30th, 2008 by Mike



Neither are we.

Neli is out with a bad cold.

And me, I am trying to avoid her like the plague …


Anyway we ARE going to exhibit at CES - a smaller Audio Note system than last year [who else is tired of exorbitant shipping rates?] with the Ongaku, AN/E SEC Signature speakers, and level 4 digital CDT-Three transport and DAC 4.1x Balanced.

No. No analog. Only 3 HRS platforms… no rack.

We will be closer to the front of the hotel this year :-) in room… uh…. Neli knows, but I think it is room. 1808 here:

I hope it is 80 degrees the whole week…. :-)

One of our writers introduces…

Friday, December 26th, 2008 by Mike

…himself in the latest article in Spintricity, along with a few pictures of his rig, in

Meet Brian Boehler.

CES 2009 - Spintricity will be emailing most of you…

Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 by Mike

… industry people shortly.

[A lot of industry people read the blog. So you audiophiles not in the industry, you now get a little peek into the industry, as well as where Spintricity is headed]

We want your press releases, we want your articles and editorials, we want your photos.

And we want your advertising.

We know the economy is tough [but I just love the price of gasoline these days :-) ))], but Spintricity offers an upscale web presence at downscale prices.

And this is especially true in the upcoming show issue.

For those of you that are exhibiting at CES 2009, Spintricity offers the ability to put an ad right in with your photos that tells people what you were showing, why it was significant, prices, a link to more information, and why your equipment is to die for [or at least to 2nd mortgage for].

For those of you who are not going [and we as Audio Note just decided to go at the last minute… last week I think] then you can still get tons of exposure for your equipment by putting your own ad in the show issue - perhaps in with a room that showed something of yours, or perhaps in with the general show report itself.

And remember, our ads are for the lifetime of the magazine itself - not a month to month rental…. you OWN that space in the magazine [with legal and technical restrictions, of course. And no porn. Though it would probably be great for everybody’s business…. :-) ].

This year the show report will be from the point of view like that in the speakers Guide in our Audiophiles Guide ot the Galaxy - we will talk about flavors of things, instead of from the point of view of the uber-high-end that Audio Federation inhabits [Neli still thinks I should do a mostly text version like the old reports, where we dissect the sound in the better rooms, with only a couple of photos, here on the Audio Federation website].


What do people think? Any opinions? Anybody? Bueller?

Emm Labs Shootout: TSD1/DAC2 versus CDSD/DCC2 (with older transport mechanism)

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 by Mike

[Finally getting some of these shootouts published…]

The juicy details of the shootout are now up on Spintricity: Emm Labs Shootout: TSD1/DAC2 versus CDSD/DCC2 (with older transport mechanism)

Sorry some of these shootouts are kind of out of order - we did so many shootouts during that period - but it would get boring to just focus several sequential articles on the ML3, or the ODIN, or the TSD1/DAC2.

Passive or Active Listening?

Sunday, December 21st, 2008 by Mike

Brian Boehler, a long term audiophile and volunteer at many, many shows, has posted the latest article to Spintricity here.

He makes some good points - and there certainly does seem to be a continuum of how intensely we all listen - and different types of music seem to entice different levels and qualities of intensity…

Elrod Statement power cord and interconnects - preliminary photos

Saturday, December 20th, 2008 by Mike

Put up some photos David Elrod sent us. Nice!

They are several pages of photos here: Elrod Statement Powercords and Interconnects

We just got a sample case yesterday - hope to have some initial feedback soon.

This just MUST be power cord season - first the ODIN, then we finally get our Prana Wire Satori, and now these.

What is a poor boy [and girl] to do?

Except smile?

And even more powercord shootouts

Friday, December 19th, 2008 by Mike

Not only is there a part II that is to be posted on the magazine in the next few days, a continuation of the Shootout at the Powercord Corral [a name which is an unfortunate side-effect of living in cattle country :-) ] - but we also got the Prana Wire Satori, and soon an Elrod prototype [photos forthcoming], to throw into the fray.

Not sure when we are going to get to do this particular shootout - perhaps over Christmas… it’d be something fun to do with our, uh, perhaps somebody here will be getting some music for the holidays… ? Uh, but don’t know for sure….. never can tell, right? *I* certainly am NOT getting Neli music or anything like that [she thinks I am, but that is just to lead her away from what I am really getting her - just like this blog post will confuse her, along with the rest of you out there… ;-) ].

Finally, Our New Magazine: Spintricity

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008 by Mike

OK, Everybody,sorry we have been so quiet [this took for-EV-er], but we finally got something up and a few articles posted on the Lamm ML3, Life and Music, ODIN PC shootout and a music review. Much more forthcoming.

Expect things to be a little choppy and a little slow, this is all hot off the internet presses - but hopefully things will smooth out.

Some hints: the left and right arrows on the keyboard (or the mouse’s scroll wheel) allows you to go to the previous and next pages without having to use the mouse.

Please let us know if you have any feedback, comments, suggestions, problems….

Best when viewed with the newer Firefox 3 (or Internet Explorer 7) browsers.

And stay tuned, we have a lot more articles to post [and some more writers as well who now may be more motivated to send in more articles :-) ]


CES 2009

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008 by Mike

CES is almost upon us. I finally registered and found out that they are now charging $100 for attendees registering after Halloween. Neli of course registered months ago. Maybe this $100 charge will reduce the number down from 140,000 to, oh I don’t know, zero? Maybe not, though.

This year I am again going as a member of that sneaky [you bet] subversive [I wish] group… the ‘press’… who seem to get in free. Who knew?

Will the economy keep people away? I have no idea. We are going - but I am not sure if we are going to show anything this year.

Our show report will be different this year. Well, it is different just about every year - but here is how it will be different THIS year.

The Magazine

Most of the photos will be in the magazine, in a format that is very modern in its use of web technology. At this point, we are going to have one page per room, with all their photos and with one photo super-sized to fill the window. So you people with giant 24 and 30 inch monitors, or who surf the web on your front projection system - you will get the real, sun-glasses ARE required, sensory overload impact. But you people with smaller screens won’t miss a thing either - because everything will scale down as well as up.

And hopefully we will have an intuitive zoom mode - so that we will ALL now see how to operate the buttons on the front panels of all the gear at the show :-)

The commentary will be thought-provoking, and analytical - but not detailed and critical. That part of the show report will still be on Audio Federation’s website.

Why not put the critiques of each room in the magazine’s show report?

Well, for one, yes, we want to have advertisers put ads on, and link to, their room’s page [and our ads are permanent - like real magazines - they get paid for once and they stay there - they won’t just disappear next month if the advertiser stops paying their monthly fee].

Another reason is that most people in this hobby - hate to say it - do not care all that much about the sound at shows. They have been ‘told’ that the sound at shows “can’t” be any good. Blah Blah Blah. So, a $10K system that sounds slow and dull? It is the shows’ fault. A $500K system sounds slow and dull? It’s the shows’ fault. [someday we’ll have to write something on how audiophiles have been programmed to think certain things - and by who.. or is that whom?]

The Audio Federation Show Report

…Will have one photo per room and a critique of the sound in the room - when it is worth commenting on.

As far as I know, we are the only ones, in this whole blamed world, who actually write something that gives some idea of what rooms actually sounded like [though there is Larry Borden, a little bit, sometimes, and Trelja, though mostly reaction instead of analysis]. It might actually be fun if more rooms sounded interesting….

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